Administrative Law in Context, 2nd Edition

Administrative Law in Context, 2nd Edition
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August 2012
Administrative Law

Administrative Law in Context, 2nd Edition, is also available as an ebook. To inquire about pricing for your firm or organization, please contact Debbie Hogan or call 1-888-837-0815 ext. 239.

Administrative Law in Context, 2nd Edition, has been written and edited with the same quality and expertise as the first edition, which was referenced in the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Doré v. Barreau du Québec. This collaborative work brings together the varied perspectives of Canada's leading experts in the field. Concentrating on the general principles of administrative law and the context in which administrative adjudication occurs, the authors convey a sense of how administrative boards and tribunals function in practice—for example, how decisions on budgets, staffing, websites, and translation can make the difference between justice and injustice, and how administrative law works differently in the politically charged context of public inquiries.

The second edition of Administrative Law in Context is completely updated to include reflections on Dunsmuir as well as jurisprudence in the wake of Dunsmuir. There is a new section and fuller discussion on procedural fairness, as well as new chapters on Aboriginal issues in administrative law and the Federal Court's administrative law process, demonstrating how administrative law is grounded in the real world of decision-making.

  • Administrative Law in Context, 2nd Edition, is also available as an ebook. To inquire about pricing for your firm or organization, please contact Debbie Hogan or call 1-888-837-0815 ext. 239
  • The online case law database is an ideal resource for practising lawyers
  • Practitioners will benefit from the range of expertise and approaches exemplified in this text, and will gain a greater sense of the legislative and judicial environment of administrative decision making
  • The casebook includes updates from the latest SCC decision in Doré v. Barreau du Québec, which made reference to Mary Liston's Chapter 4 from the first edition
  • The coverage of procedural fairness has been enhanced and all the chapters have been revised to account for current developments
  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Administrative Law: Some History and a Few Signposts for a Twisted Path (Colleen M. Flood and Jennifer Dolling)
  • Chapter 2: Governments in Miniature: The Rule of Law in the Administrative State (Mary Liston)
  • Chapter 3: Dogs and Tails: Remedies in Administrative Law (Cristie Ford)
  • Chapter 4: Regulations and Rule Making: The Dilemma of Delegation (Andrew Green)
  • Chapter 5: From Natural Justice to Fairness: Thresholds, Content, and the Role of Judicial Review (Grant Huscroft)
  • Chapter 6: Advocacy Before Administrative Tribunals (Freya Kristjanson & Leslie McIntosh)
  • Chapter 7: Access to Administrative Justice and Other Worries (Lorne Sossin)
  • Chapter 8: Caught Between Judicial Paradigms and the Administrative State's Pastiche: "Tribunal" Independence, Impartiality, and Bias (Laverne Jacobs)
  • Chapter 9: Standard of Review: Back to the Future? (Audrey Macklin)
  • Chapter 10: Pas de Deux: Deference and Non-Deference in Action (Sheila Wildeman)
  • Chapter 11: Administrative Discretion: Between Exercising Power and Conducting Dialogue (Geneviève Cartier)
  • Chapter 12: The Charter and Administrative Law: Cross-Fertilization or Inconstancy? (Evan Fox-Decent & Alexander Pless)
  • Chapter 13: In Search of Aboriginal Administrative Law (Janna Promislow & Lorne Sossin)
  • Chapter 14: The Role of International Human Rights Norms in Administrative Law (Gerald Heckman)
  • Chapter 15: Making a Federal Case Out of It: The Federal Court and Administrative Law (Craig Forcese)
  • Chapter 16: Getting the Story Out: Accountability and the Law of Public Inquiries (Peter Carver)

It is a pleasure and honour for me to continue my association with Administrative Law in Context by providing these remarks for its second edition. Two factors are especially important behind the appearance of a second edition. One is explained by the organic nature of the law, whether legislative or judicially inspired, in that it develops and changes rapidly and administrative law is no exception. The other factor is that the work in question merits a second edition as judged by the response to the first edition; as such this second edition is praiseful recognition for the editors and contributors who have toiled to produce this very helpful volume.

The second edition has retained all of the virtues of the first edition that I mentioned in my Foreword and indeed has added special attractions by the inclusion of new chapters on Aboriginal Administrative Law, and on the Federal Court and Administrative Law. As well, the editors and contributors have reordered many of the chapters, changed many of the titles, as well as updating the commentary that follows, and welcomed some new contributors into their scholarly midst. All of this with no loss in the coverage, caliber, utility or lucidity of the book. Put another way, the bottles, labelling, and packaging may have changed in some respects, but the wine tastes as good as ever, and some new vintages have been added!

I congratulate the editors and contributors for another excellent effort.

The Honourable Frank Iacobucci, C.C., Q.C.

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