Kerry Watkins

Kerry G. Watkins holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Criminology. He has worked for one of Canada’s largest law enforcement agencies for more than two decades, investigating crimes from fraud to homicide in a number of specialized units, and has served as a police witness in numerous criminal trials. He has received awards for investigative excellence and holds an Exemplary Service Medal for his continuous public service. Kerry currently works in the area of police education and training. In addition to his Emond Montgomery texts Interviewing and Investigation, 2nd ed. and Evidence and Investigation: From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom, Kerry has published on investigative topics in Blue Line Magazine, Forensic Evidence in Canada, 2nd ed., and the Canadian Journal of Police & Security Services. Kerry believes in the necessity of integrating the results of scientific research into investigative practice, and is a strong proponent of continuing education for investigative professionals. When he is not reviewing research materials for his texts, his favourite reading material includes works by Richard Feynman, John Grisham, and especially Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose inimitable consulting detective remains an inspiration to all those who seek to combine the rigour of science with the art of investigative work.




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