Corrections in Canada: Principles and Practice

Corrections in Canada: Principles and Practice
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February 2018
Criminal Justice and Criminology

Corrections in Canada: Principles and Practice prepares students for various roles in the ever-evolving field of corrections by providing coverage of industry-specific vocational skills balanced with related theory and research. Its focus extends beyond institutional corrections to include community justice alternatives and community corrections to help build skills that are increasingly in demand.

The text comprehensively covers the full spectrum of careers in the field. It explains the various roles, responsibilities, and processes involved in managing a case. This information is contextualized through relevant case studies, law, and policy so that students have a deeper understanding of common issues and scenarios they may encounter throughout their career.

This fresh and applicable content is a must-have in any classroom covering Canadian corrections.

  • Skills review sections at the end of each chapter that reiterate the most important skills discussed in that chapter
  • Insights from expert contributors: Wendy Blank, Jane Barker, Erin Robertson, Rebecca Bromwich, Jim Richards, Dave Mason, Tom Deakin, and Carrie Sinkowski
  • Case studies at the beginning of each part of the text that explore various issues from the perspectives of both corrections workers and offenders
  • Working perspective boxes and corresponding discussion questions in each chapter to help students navigate different scenarios they will encounter in the field

Part I: Introducing Corrections
Case Management Study 1
Chapter 1: The Evolution of Corrections and Community Justice: A Brief Overview
Chapter 2: The Corrections Worker: Roles, Skills, and Responsibilities
Chapter 3: An Introduction to Offender Populations

Part II: Legal Processes
Case Management Study 2
Chapter 4: Legal and Procedural Aspects of Corrections

Part III: Community Corrections and Community Justice Alternatives
Case Management Study 3
Chapter 5: Community Justice Alternatives
Chapter 6: Community Corrections
Chapter 7: Youth Corrections

Part IV: Institutional Corrections and Reintegration
Case Management Study 4
Chapter 8: Correctional Institutions and Corrections Workers: An Overview
Chapter 9: Institutional Corrections: Social Structures and Dynamics
Chapter 10: Reintegration

Part V: Skills of Corrections and Community Justice Workers
Case Management Study 5
Chapter 11: Communications
Chapter 12: Conflict Management


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