Dimensions of Law: Canadian and International Law in the 21st Century

Dimensions of Law: Canadian and International Law in the 21st Century
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Introductory Law

Dimensions of Law: Canadian and International Law in the 21st Century focuses on the origins, political and social contexts, applications, and implications of Canadian and international laws. Each chapter includes a summary of complex concepts, detailed case studies and accompanying discussion questions, and definitions of legal terms to help students better understand the Canadian legal system. The text gives examples of long and short cases, each supported by questions that guide students through the key aspects of the case. Dimensions of Law is supported by a Teacher's Resource, as well as Class Action.

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  • Chapter openings with summary text and thought-provoking graphics, which focus attention on the main concepts and issues.
  • A selection of long and short cases, each supported by questions that guide students through the relevant aspects of the case.
  • “Turning Points in the Law,” which examines key decisions and actions that have led the way to significant change, highlighting the role of individuals and organizations in bringing about such change.
  • “Personal Viewpoints,” which presents the opinions of individuals on issues relevant to each chapter, and opens the door to discussion of contemporary topics of interest.
  • “Issue,” which explores a significant law-related issue through the opinions of supporters and opponents, and requires students to analyze these opinions before coming to their own conclusion.
  • “Working for Change,” which focuses on individuals or groups who promote change to deal with important issues in the law.
  • Web links, which encourage students to move beyond the text and to interact critically with a wider array of primary and secondary sources.
  • “Check Your Understanding,” which poses questions to assess students’ understanding at the conclusion of each major section in a chapter.
  • “Career Profile,” which features interviews with individuals associated with implementing the law.
  • “Methods of Legal Inquiry,” which challenges students progressively to organize, summarize, and analyze information.
  • “Reviewing Main Ideas,” which provides assessment tools such as cases to consider and questions that require research, inquiry, and synthesis of information.

UNIT 1   Heritage

  • Changes to the Law
  • Sources and Categories of the Law
  • Theories and Concepts of the Law

UNIT 2   Rights and Freedoms

  • Canadian Constitutional Law
  • Human Rights in Canada
  • The Legislature and the Judiciary
  • Majority and Minority Rights

UNIT 3   Criminal Law

  • Crime and Criminal Law
  • The Pre-trial Process
  • The Trial Process
  • Principles of Justice

UNIT 4   Labour and Environmental Law

  • Protecting the Environment
  • The Government and the Workplace
  • Organizing the Workforce
  • The Changing Workplace

UNIT 5   International Law

  • Principles of International Law
  • International Agreements
  • Resolving Global Conflicts
  • International Law in Action
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The Teacher's Resource includes:

  • Detailed answers to all questions in the text
  • Invaluable updates on cases used in the text
  • Additional cases with blackline master activity sheets
  • Day-to-day planning suggestions
  • General and specific assessment strategies
  • Culminating activities for each unit that include appropriate rubrics

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Dimensions of Law is an outstanding textbook! It is well organized and easy to read. It uses up-to-date as well as historic facts and cases, which help to enhance student learning. Furthermore, the material in the textbook clearly links with the curriculum expectations. The text provides Web links, references, illustrations, photographs, articles, etc. that bring law alive and thoroughly engage the reader.

— Candy RamberanSingh, Riverdale Collegiate Institute

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