Ethics and Professional Practice for Paralegals, 3rd Edition

Ethics and Professional Practice for Paralegals, 3rd Edition
Emond Publishing
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December 2014
Ethics; Legal Office Administration; Paralegal

Ethics and Professional Practice for Paralegals is a complete guide to the Paralegal Rules of Conduct, the Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines, and the bylaws applicable to paralegal practice. Now in its third edition, this revised text includes comprehensive coverage and a practical focus that helps students establish a framework for ethical decision-making. The text is fully consistent with the ethics and professional responsibility competencies prescribed for accredited courses by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and will serve as an essential resource for students well into their careers as practising paralegals.

New to the edition

  • Fully updated to include Rules and Guideline changes that come into effect in the fall of 2014.
  • The Paralegal Rules & Guidelines are now included in full as an appendix to the book.
  • Material has been reorganized so that Rules are covered in sequential order.
  • More real-world scenarios have been included to provide students with insight into potential situations they may face in the workplace.
  • Answers to cases have been moved to the Instructor’s Guide to better facilitate classroom discussion.

  • Explains how to read and apply the Paralegal Rules of Conduct and Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines
  • Discusses the general duty of integrity and civility, the role of the paralegal as mediator, the obligation to answer undertakings, and the application of the Ontario Human Rights Code to paralegal practice
  • Discusses the duties arising from the paralegal-client relationship, and how to manage the client relationship and client expectations
  • Thoroughly explores the duties of competence, confidentiality, and avoidance of conflicts of interest
  • Explains the obligations of ethical advocacy and the paralegal’s duties to the client, to the administration of justice, and to licensees, and others
  • Includes clear learning objectives and end-of-chapter review questions and exercises
  • Instructor's Resources: includes an instructor’s guide with answers to all review and discussion questions, a test bank with detailed multiple-choice and short-answer questions, and PowerPoint presentations

Chapter 1: Paralegal Governance in Ontario
Chapter 2: Professionalism
Chapter 3: The Client
Chapter 4: Duty to Clients
Chapter 5: Advocacy
Chapter 6: Duty to Others
Chapter 7: Practice Management

Appendix A: Paralegal Rules of Conduct
Appendix B: Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines


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