Introduction to Health Law in Canada

Introduction to Health Law in Canada
Emond Publishing
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February 2019
Health and Sports Law

Introduction to Health Law in Canada provides insights into a wide array of legal issues that those working in health care services, administration, and health policy will encounter throughout their careers. Because those working in the health system often lack legal training, this text has been written in an accessible manner and includes explanations of legal concepts and terms.

This text addresses topics that arise in the provision of health care services, including medical assistance in dying, liability for patient injuries, and complaints against health providers. It also explores broader systemic issues, such as the regulation of health products (e.g., cannabis), public health law, and the intersection of law and Indigenous health.

Given the rapidly changing landscape of health law, this text fills crucial gaps in existing literature and comprehensively covers crucial issues for an introductory audience.

  • Insights from expert contributors: Tess Sheldon, Lisa Feldstein, Jacob Shelley
  • Case study boxes
  • Discussion questions
  • Glossary of defined terms
  • Content can be applied in various types of courses (e.g. bioethics, gender studies)

Chapter 1: The Legal Structure of the Canadian Heath Care System
Chapter 2: Negligence Claims Against Health Professionals
Chapter 3: Regulation and Liability of Hospitals, Health Facilities, and Government
Chapter 4: Self-Regulation of Health Professionals
Chapter 5: Consent to Treatment
Chapter 6: End-of-Life Care and the Law
Chapter 7: The Law and Mental Health
Chapter 8: Health Information
Chapter 9: Reproductive Health Law
Chapter 10: Public Health Law
Chapter 11: Regulation of Health Research
Chapter 12: Regulation of Pharmaceuticals
Chapter 13: Constitutional and Administrative Challenges to Governmental Health Policies
Chapter 14: Indigenous Health Law
Chapter 15: Global Health Law


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Introduction to Health Law in Canada

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