Issues in Canadian Governance

Issues in Canadian Governance
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January 2018
Politics and Government; Public Administration

Issues in Canadian Governance demonstrates how the key principles and institutions of governance affect Canadians by revealing how they work in the real world. This text uses an applied case study format to breathe life into the debates that shape Canadian public policy. These timely cases bring valuable context to the various issues explored in the text and allow the text to be leveraged in a practical, hands on way.

This text also incorporates the voices of expert scholars who provide readers with a holistic snapshot of current thinking in the field of public administration. This broad perspective is invaluable in exploring matters such as responsible government, ethics and public spending, accountability of public officials, access to information, political neutrality and the public service, and contemporary policy debates.

  • Accessible and concise introductions to core concepts in Canadian governance
  • Current case studies that bring core concepts to life
  • Questions to fuel class discussion and debate
  • Valuable insights from expert contributors Ken Rasmussen, Shreya Ghimire, Karine Levasseur, Andrea Rounce, Evert Lindquist, James Kelly, Kathy Brock, David Newhouse, Zac Spicer, Isabelle Caron, Ian Roberge, Charles Conteh, James Simeon, Luc Juillet, Carey Doberstein, Les Pal, and Jeffrey Roy

Part I: Foundations of Canadian Public Administration and Governance
Chapter 1: Responsible Government
Chapter 2: The Westminster Tradition
Chapter 3: Public Sector Accountability
Chapter 4: Cabinet and Decision Making
Chapter 5: Public Sector Organization/Machinery of Government

Part II: Multi-Level Canadian Governance
Chapter 6: The Charter, Courts, and Public Administration
Chapter 7: Federalism
Chapter 8: Aboriginal Self-Government
Chapter 9: Municipalities and Canadian Public Administration

Part III: Governing in Practice
Chapter 10: Budgeting and Financing
Chapter 11: Public Administration and Management Reforms
Chapter 12: Human Resource Management
Chapter 13: Ethics and Public Administration

Part IV: Evolving Approaches to Government
Chapter 14: Governing in/through Networks
Chapter 15: Public Administration in a Globalized World
Chapter 16: Governing in the Digital Age

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Issues in Canadian Governance

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