Law and Legislation for Social Service Workers

Law and Legislation for Social Service Workers
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January 2008
Social and Child Services

Law and Legislation for Social Service Workers presents a plain language, practical, student-friendly approach to the important legal issues relevant to social service workers. Designed specifically to meet college level learning requirements, the text encourages critical thinking and sensitivity to social issues that students will encounter in their work life.

  • Introduces the statutory regimes that social service workers need to know, such as child protection and income maintenance, and how the law affects the practice of social service work in each sector.
  • Describes the Canadian legal system, including the constitutional division of powers and the Charter of Rights.
  • Defines terms and concepts such as statutes, regulations, policy and common law.
  • Explains the crucial difference between providing legal information and providing legal advice.
  • Stresses the importance of social service workers understanding their legal parameters, and working effectively with lawyers to avoid potential liability.
  • Describes the diverse range of services and career paths available to social services workers (for example, youth programs, women’s shelters, children’s aid societies, anger management programs, addictions counselling, immigrant services, housing and community development, halfway houses, and much more).
  • Explains the importance of the Social Work and the Social Service Work Act, 1998 and the self-regulating Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers’ Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Emphasizes best practices and describes pitfalls to avoid, to protect against liability or breach of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Includes “Critical Perspectives” features offering different viewpoints on controversial issues or legislation.
  • Presents practical exercises designed to encourage students to research social service resources in their own community.
  • Includes brief summaries of more than 30 important statutes for quick reference.
  • Offers end-of-chapter review questions to aid learning, and scenario-based discussion questions.
  • Contains a glossary of key terms and an index.
  • Instructors have access to an instructor's guide.

Part I: Overview of the Legal Context

  • Chapter 1: Social Services Practice and the Law
  • Chapter 2: The Canadian Legal System

Part II: Children and Families

  • Chapter 3: Child Protection and the Child and Family Services Act
  • Chapter 4: Family Law
  • Chapter 5: Education

Part III: Health and Welfare

  • Chapter 6: Mental Health
  • Chapter 7: Health-Care Issues: Access, Aging, and Privacy
  • Chapter 8: Income Maintenance

Part IV: The Criminal Justice System

  • Chapter 9: The Criminal Justice System
  • Chapter 10: Correctional Services for Adults
  • Chapter 11: The Youth Criminal Justice System
  • Chapter 12: Community Policing

Part V: The Courts

  • Chapter 13: The Trial Process
  • Chapter 14: Notes and Reports
  • Chapter 15: Accessing Legal Services
  • Chapter 16: Alternatives to the Court System: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Part VI: Employment, Immigration, and Housing

  • Chapter 17: Employment Law
  • Chapter 18: Immigration and Refugees
  • Chapter 19: Housing

Part VII: Other Aspects of the Legal Context

  • Chapter 20: Human Rights Legislation
  • Chapter 21: Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Chapter 22: Privacy and Access to Information
  • Chapter 23: Liability Issues

Glossary of Terms

  • Instructor's Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation

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