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Civil litigation and procedure texts from Emond Publishing.

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Class Actions in Canada: Cases, Notes, and Materials, 2nd Edition
by Janet Walker
ISBN: 978-1-77255-437-3
Subject: Civil Litigation and Procedure
© 2018
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Civil Litigation Process: Cases and Materials, 8th Edition
by Janet Walker, Jane Bailey, Barbara Billingsley, David A. Crerar, Erik S. Knutsen
ISBN: 978-1-55239-678-0
Subject: Civil Litigation and Procedure; NCA Required
© 2015
Class Actions in Canada: Cases, Notes and Materials
by Janet Walker, Garry D. Watson, Luciana Brasil, Michael A. Eizenga, Rodney H. Hayley, Craig E. Jones, Jasminka Kalajdzic, John C. Kleefeld, Catherine Piché, Celeste Poltak, H. Michael Rosenberg
ISBN: 978-1-55239-570-7
Subject: Civil Litigation and Procedure; Class Actions
© 2013
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