Provincial Offences for Paralegals, 2nd Edition

Provincial Offences for Paralegals, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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December 2017
Paralegal; Provincial Offences

Provincial Offences for Paralegals, 2nd Edition is a clear and concise resource on the litigation of regulatory offences, designed for paralegal students who want to represent clients before the Ontario Courts of Justice. Its comprehensive coverage includes straightforward explanations of the Provincial Offences Act, numerous common law concepts, and other related areas of law such as evidence, advocacy, and voir dire. These explanations are coupled with practice tips, forms, review questions, and scenarios to provide students with an all-inclusive, practical guide to these types of offences.

This workbook-style text also integrates the Paralegal Rules of Conduct and Law Society bylaws directly into the content in order to effectively prepare students for their future careers as paralegals.

  • New chapter on administrative penalties
  • Increased number of relevant case law examples and detailed explanations
  • Revised end-of-chapter review questions
  • Helpful forms, practical tips, flow charts, and other visuals for a clearer representation of various processes
  • Multiple references to the Paralegal Rules of Conduct and Law Society by-laws

Chapter 1: An Overview of the Provincial Offences Act
Chapter 2: Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 3: Procedural Streams
Chapter 4: Classification of Offences
Chapter 5: Your Client Has Been Charged
Chapter 6: Helping Your Client Deal with Charges
Chapter 7: Preparing for the Trial Date
Chapter 8: Motions and Applications
Chapter 9: What to Expect When You Enter the Courtroom
Chapter 10: The Trial
Chapter 11: Sentencing
Chapter 12: Following Up with a Client
Chapter 13: Reopenings and Appeals
Chapter 14: Common Highway Traffic Act Offences
Chapter 15: Other Common Acts
Chapter 16: Administrative Penalties

Appendix A: Provincial Offences Act
Appendix B: POA Rules
Appendix C: Set Fines from the Provincial Offences Act
Appendix D: Highway Traffic Act
Appendix E: AMP Regulation

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