Secured Transactions in Personal Property: Cases, Text and Materials, 7th Edition

Secured Transactions in Personal Property: Cases, Text and Materials, 7th Edition
Emond Publishing
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December 2017
Business, Corporate and Commercial Law

The seventh edition of Secured Transactions in Personal Property: Cases, Text, and Materials explores key issues surrounding transactions based on secured credit. It takes readers through various formal requirements, and investigates the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in these transactions.

Since the previous edition, there has been significant activity on the law reform front. This edition now includes discussion of the Ontario government’s reform agenda, the establishment of the Ontario Business Law Advisory Council, the Canadian Conference on Personal Property Security Law project on Personal Property Security Act reform, and the Alberta Law Reform Institute’s reference on personal property security law reform.

This text also contains new and updated coverage on issues related to the use of licenses as collateral, dual search criteria, purchase-money security interests, conflict of laws, and the tracing of proceeds.

  • Coverage of Business Development Bank of Canada v D’Eon Fisheries Limited, the Re Lambert debate, Lisec America Inc. v Barber Suffolk Ltd., and Commercial Factors of Seattle LP v Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • New section on the double debtor controversy
  • New and updated commentary on tracing proceeds
  • A set of standard form agreements in the appendix

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Scope of the Act
Chapter 3: Validity and Enforceability of the Security Interest
Chapter 4: Attachment
Chapter 5: Perfection
Chapter 6: Registration
Chapter 7: Basic Priority Rules
Chapter 8: Purchase-Money Security Interests
Chapter 9: Fixtures, Accessions, and Commingled Goods
Chapter 10: Liens Arising by Statute or Rule of Law
Chapter 11: Protection of Transferees in Ordinary Course
Chapter 12: Proceeds
Chapter 13: Enforcement of the Security Interest
Chapter 14: Conflict of Laws
Chapter 15: Federal Security Interests
Appendix: Forms of Agreement in Secured Transactions

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Secured Transactions in Personal Property: Cases, Text and Materials, 7th Edition

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