The Law of Work: Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining

The Law of Work: Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining
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Employment, Labour, and Human Resources Law

The Law of Work: Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining is a companion volume to The Law of Work: Common Law and The Regulation of Work. It provides an in-depth but accessible exploration of the unionization process, collective bargaining, the regulation of unions, industrial conflict, collective agreement administration, and more.

Written primarily with a non-law audience in mind, it explains complex legal issues and policy debates using accessible language and short, focused chapters. More than a collection of legal rules and statistics, this text provides comprehensive analysis supported by both research and practical examples.

  • Authorship by one of Canada’s leading labour and employment law professors, supported by several chapter contributions from subject experts
  • “Case Law Highlight” boxes that isolate and summarize important decisions
  • “Talking Work Law” boxes that describe important concepts and debates in the field
  • Appendixes that provide in-depth coverage of an actual work stoppage, and a sample collective agreement
  • Cases and end-of-chapter exercises that reference the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) database so that readers can practice researching and reading Canadian case law
  • COMING SOON: Simulations of grievance arbitration and collective bargaining process for classroom use
  • Updates and commentary on David Doorey’s award-winning blog, The Law of Work, that directly references material covered in the text

PART 1: The Law of Work: Themes, Frameworks, and Perspectives
1. Canadian Work Law in a Nutshell
2. The Law of What? Employment, Self-Employment, and Everything in Between
3. A Framework for Analyzing the Law of Work
4. Key Perspectives That Shape the Law of Work

PART 2: The Collective Bargaining Regime and Industrial Relations
5. Mapping the Collective Bargaining Regime: Introductory Concepts
6. A Brief History of the Canadian Labour Movement and the Law
7. A Closer Look at Unions
8. The Unionization Process
9. Unfair Labour Practices
10. The Law of Collective Bargaining
11. Industrial Conflict: Strikes, Lockouts, and Other Bargaining Tactics
Appendix: Timeline of the CUPE/City of Toronto Negotiations, 2011
12. The Collective Agreement
Appendix: Sample Collective Agreement
13. Grievances and Labour Arbitration
14. What Is “Just Cause” for Discipline or Discharge of Unionized Employees?
15. Decertification and the Regulation of Unions
16. Public Sector Labour Relations

PART 3: The Charter and the Law of Work
17. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Regulatory Standards
18. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Collective Bargaining Regime

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