This Earth: Physical Geography and the Environment

This Earth: Physical Geography and the Environment
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January 2010
Social Studies

This Earth gives teachers a current, case-driven, and student-friendly resource to help them prepare and deliver a dynamic and informative course. Each unit includes photographs, illustrations, maps, and information about the environmental challenges we face that will inspire students to take an interest in their physical surroundings: the origin of our Earth, continental shifts, water and air pollution and human impacts, and taking responsibility for our planet.

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  • Geo-Fact: Interesting, surprising, or unusual bits of information that aim to enrich students' understanding and offer an interesting, or alternative, perspective.
  • Geo-Pioneer: Sketches of important geographers and the long-term significance of their accomplishments.
  • Spotlight: Short case studies related to chapter topics that allow for the application of geography skills.
  • Big Picture: A large integrative case at the end of each unit that aims to explicitly demonstrate how physical geography and environmental management complement one another and how knowledge of both allows for a richer understanding of environmental issues. Linked to separate culminating activities for physical geography and environmental resource management.

Introduction: Piloting Spaceship Earth

UNIT 1 Forged in Fire

  • The Origins of the Universe
  • The Nature of the Solar System
  • Earth's Interior Structure
  • The Earth System
  • What Goes Around Comes Around
  • The Interdependence of Living Things

UNIT 2 From the Ground Up: Earth's Foundations

  • The Lithosphere
  • Continents Adrift
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Seismic Activity
  • Wear and Tear on the Earth
  • Natural Resources
  • Flow Resources
  • Soil and Agricultural Practices

UNIT 3 The World's Water

  • The World's Fresh Water
  • Oceans and Coastal Landscapes
  • Glaciers: Nature's Bulldozers
  • Sustainable Water Use
  • Water Pollution
  • Oceans in Peril

UNIT 4 The Air We Breathe

  • Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Weather and Climate
  • Storms
  • Desertification and Aeolian Transport
  • Air Pollution and Human Impacts
  • Global Warming and Its Impact
  • Protecting the Atmosphere

UNIT 5 Challenges for the Future

  • The Earth Under Stress
  • The Hydrosphere Under Stress: Water for the World
  • The Atmosphere Under Stress: Climate Change — Consequences and Solutions
  • Population Pressures and Built Environments
  • The Threat to Biodiversity
  • The Power of One: Taking Personal Responsibility for the Planet


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The comprehensive Teacher's Resource is the perfect tool for both the grade 11 geography course and the grade 12 environment and resource management course. The Resource includes extensive teaching notes, lesson plans, answers to all text questions, supporting line masters, and assessment rubrics.

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