Wills and Estates, 3rd Edition

Wills and Estates, 3rd Edition
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ILCO Required; Law Clerk; Wills, Estates, and Trusts
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Wills and Estates, 3rd Edition, written by Derek Fazakas, and now with a complete set of instructor resources by Marina Coyne, is designed to help law clerks understand the areas in which an estates law practice is typically conducted. Part 1 deals with estate planning documents; part 2 deals with the tasks necessary in transferring the assets of a deceased person to the persons or entities entitled to them; and part 3 deals with the conflicts and litigation that can arise during the administration of an estate.

The three parts of this text are not separate, unrelated topics. On the contrary, an understanding of all three areas is necessary for a complete understanding of any one area. For example, one cannot fully understand how to create a proper will without knowing how to administer an estate or about the litigation that can arise when a will is not created properly. Likewise, estate litigation is difficult to comprehend without knowing how a will is created or how an estate is administered.

The book's strengths are threefold: coverage, clarity, and currency. In addition to wills and estates, the text covers substitute decision making (powers of attorney and court-appointed committees) as well as trusts. The author, a practising lawyer with extensive experience in this field and a former classroom instructor, has written a clear narrative that is accessible to college students.

  • Information about the requirement for parties in estate litigation proceedings to attempt to settle through mandatory mediation
  • New discussion on the disposition of corporate shares
  • Additional information on the subject of charitable trusts, including alter ego trusts and joint partner trusts
  • New coverage of the assessment and maintenance by the estate trustee of continuing legal action begun by the testator under Rule 11 of the Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Additional information on the transfer of Canada savings bonds to estate trustees
  • Detailed discussion of the obligation of someone acting under a power of attorney for personal care to maintain records pertaining to personal care decisions
  • New information on the use of estates information forms
  • Updated figures and forms
  • Now with end-of-chapter review questions
  • Brand new suite of ancillaries for instructors, including answers to end-of-chapter questions; additional exercises and answers; quick-reference charts for each chapter; a course review case study; a test bank and sample exam; and PowerPoints

Part I: Estate Planning

  • Chapter 1: Wills
  • Chapter 2: Will Clauses
  • Chapter 3: Interpretation of Wills
  • Chapter 4: Intestacy
  • Chapter 5: Powers of Attorney
  • Chapter 6: Trusts

Part II: Estate Administration

  • Chapter 7: Proof of the Estate Trustee's Status as Estate Trustee
  • Chapter 8: Preliminary Steps in Applying for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee
  • Chapter 9: Applying for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee
  • Chapter 10: Collecting the Assets
  • Chapter 11: Determining, Notifying, and Paying Creditors of the Estate
  • Chapter 12: Accounting to the Beneficiaries and Paying the Beneficiaries
  • Chapter 13: Administering Testamentary and Inter Vivos Trusts and Powers of Attorney

Part III: Estate Litigation

  • Chapter 14: Challenging the Conduct of the Estate Trustees
  • Chapter 15: Challenging the Validity of the Will
  • Chapter 16: Statutory Forms of Estate Litigation


  • Chapter Summaries
  • Instructor's Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Review Exercises/Anwers
  • Sample Exam
  • Test Bank
  • Textbook Review Case Study Exercise

For free instructor resources, contact instructor support.

Instructor resources for this book were prepared by Marina Coyne.

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