Wills and Estates: Cases, Text, and Materials, 3rd Edition

Wills and Estates: Cases, Text, and Materials, 3rd Edition
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Wills, Estates, and Trusts

The third edition of Wills and Estates: Cases, Text, and Materials is an effective, practice-oriented learning tool that focuses on areas that lawyers will encounter in the course of their legal practice. Author Howard Black weaves summaries of key legal principles and significant judicial decisions with practical advice for a well-rounded examination of the intricacies of estate management and interpreting wills.

This clear and concise narrative of relevant legal issues, supplemented with references to applicable legislation and case law, is a valuable resource to anyone whose practice will include servicing clients in the area of wills and estates.

  • Significant leading and recent cases such as: Spence v BMO Trust Company, Cutherbertson v Rasouli, Carter v Canada, Dagg v Cameron Estate, Morassut v Jaczynski, McCain v McCain, Orfus Estate v Samuel and Bessie Orfus Foundation
  • Coverage of the Law Commission of Ontario’s Final Report on Legal Capacity, Decision-making and Guardianship
  • Increased number of references to British Columbia and Alberta
  • New index
  • Foreword by Susan Greer

Chapter 1: Terminology
Chapter 2: The Will
Chapter 3: Will Substitutes
Chapter 4: Interstate Succession
Chapter 5: Formal Validity of Wills
Chapter 6: Capacity to Make a Will
Chapter 7: Doctrines and Limits on the Power of Testation
Chapter 8: Testamentary Gifts
Chapter 9: Status of Beneficiaries
Chapter 10: Class Gifts and Gifts Nominatum
Chapter 11: Survivorship
Chapter 12: Perpetuities and Accumulations
Chapter 13: Principles of Interpretation
Chapter 14: Incapable Persons and the Substitute Decisions Act
Chapter 15: Administration of an Estate
Chapter 16: Proof of Death
Chapter 17: Proof of Lost Wills
Chapter 18: Revocation, Alteration, and Revival of Wills
Chapter 19: Family Law Act
Chapter 20: Support of Dependants
Chapter 21: Estate Accounts, Compensation for Estate Trustees, and Solicitors’ Fees
Chapter 22: Solicitors’ Duties and Responsibilities
Chapter 23: Estate Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


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