Work Smart: Strategies for Career Success

Work Smart: Strategies for Career Success
Emond Publishing
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October 2008
Guidance and Careers
Trillium Listed for Ontario's GLC2O course

This dynamic, four-colour text uses a variety of written and visual presentation styles — including a recurring graphic novel element — to introduce students to the process of identifying a career. Interesting, edgy, and relevant activities bring the content to life and engage all learning styles. Students will learn how to create winning resumés, best practices in a job interview, and smart success at work.

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  • Handbook format: Allows students to reference information easily with the use of photos, visuals, graphs, charts, and maps.
  • Career Coach: Offers a graphic novel presentation of a problem or issue that relates to career preparation/preparedness.
  • Real-Time Resumé: Explores life lessons one often has to experience to learn about. Topics include unwritten rules about status, observing workplace culture, conflict resolution, body language, interview questions, and health and safety issues.

PART I Get Real

  • Chapter 1: You Have Options
  • Chapter 2: You On Purpose
  • Chapter 3: Putting It All Together

PART II Choose Your Adventure

  • Chapter 4: The Adventure: Straight to Work
  • Chapter 5: The Adventure: Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Chapter 6: The Adventure: Apprenticeship
  • Chapter 7: The Adventure: College and University

PART III More Tools of the Trade

  • Chapter?8: The Get-Out-of-School Plan
  • Chapter 9: Winning Resumés, Cover Letters, and Applications
  • Chapter 10: The Pitch: Selling Yourself in the Interview
  • Chapter 11: Smart Success at Work

PART IV Looking Beyond

  • Chapter 12: Wrapping It Up
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The Work Smart Teacher's Resource is an indispensable companion to the student book. This collection of classroom-ready materials is designed with the novice Careers teacher in mind and includes: line masters in both paper and CD-ROM format, assessment and evaluation tools and strategies, answers to questions and activities, and multiple suggested lessons.

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Work Smart: Strategies for Career Success

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