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From the publisher that brought you the Criminal Law Series, Emond Publishing presents The Lawyers Lounge podcast. Hosts Danielle Robitaille and Lisa Jørgensen cover issues of local and national importance and discuss recent criminal law cases from across Canada.

Episode 11: Criminal Law and Mental Health, a thought-provoking roundtable

Join Danielle and criminal lawyers, Erin Dann and Maya Kotob (Anita Szigeti Advocates) as they discuss the challenges and rewards of representing clients with mental health issues.

In this episode, our guests shed light on their experiences practicing at the intersection between criminal law and mental health law. They examine the difference between advancing legal interests and the therapeutic interests of clients and discuss key solutions to some of the challenges lawyers face in practicing in the mental health space.

Other topics include:

  • The importance of mentorship

  • How crucial is a work-life balance?

  • Mistakes lawyers make in measuring professional success

  • Changing media perceptions of the non-criminally responsible (NCRs)

  • The lack of solutions towards mental health problems in the criminal justice system

Special Guests: Erin Dann and Maya Kotob (Anita Szigeti Advocates)

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