Managing My Time


As a mom to a toddler during a pandemic, I was very nervous to write the Bar Exams. Studying seemed impossible while we were cooped up in a house with no childcare and no family or friends to help. I signed up for the Emond Exam Prep Online Course and watched the videos on my phone while I puttered around the house, waited at a drive-through, or fed the baby. It really helped to be able to hear the professors discuss the key points of each topic. I used the time I had to study my index and really get to know how to navigate the materials. I learned that these exams are as much about time management and organization as they are about knowing key points. Once I mastered knowing how to find information, practice tests became easier and my confidence grew.


My Top 3 Exam Tips:

  1. Get the practice exams and keep practising.
  2. The more you get to know the materials, the more confident you’ll feel.
  3. Know your test space and get to know the proctor process so you are ready on the day.


Written by: Catherine Grinnell, JD

Ontario Licensing Exam candidate