Administrative Law in Context, 3rd Edition

Administrative Law in Context, 3rd Edition
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December 2017
Administrative Law

Administrative Law in Context, 3rd Edition roots its approach to administrative law in the important contexts that shape legal ideas and doctrines in this field. It provides a fresh examination of key principles and cases by leveraging the distinct voices of leading scholars and instructors from across Canada. This detailed, collaborative analysis gives students a better sense of how administrative boards and tribunals work in practice.

To offer a more comprehensive understanding of subject matter, resources like practice tips, checklists, and a companion website have also been included in the text. This combination of theory and applied learning has resulted in a highly effective teaching tool that students can take from the classroom into practice.

  • Coverage of new cases, including Chippewas of the Thames First Nation v Enbridge Pipelines Inc., 2017 SCC 41; Trinity Western University v The Law Society of British Columbia, 2016 BCCA 423; Loyla High School v Quebec (Attorney General), 2015 SCC 12; Kanthasamy v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2015 SCC 61; Edmonton (City) v Edmonton East (Capilano) Shopping Centres Ltd., 2016 SCC 47
  • New chapters on Aboriginal administrative law, procedural fairness, the Charter and administrative law, Crown liability for negligent administrative action, and substantive review
  • A companion website that acts as a teaching tool, with edited and full text versions of cases and archived chapters from previous editions
  • Content from a diverse group of leading experts in the field: Andrew Green, Alexander Pless, Audrey Macklin, Craig Forcese, Evan Fox-Decent, Cristie Ford, Genevieve Cartier, Gerald Heckman, Janna Promislow, Mary Liston, Laverne Jacobs, Peter Carver, Sheila Wildeman, Kate Glover, Jennifer Dolling, Naiomi Metallic, Angus Grant, Freya Kristjanson, Leslie McIntosh, and Grant Huscroft

Chapter 1: A Historical Map for Administrative Law: There Be Dragons
Chapter 2: Remedies in Administrative Law: A Roadmap to a Parallel Legal Universe
Chapter 3: Realizing Aboriginal Administrative Law
Chapter 4: Administering the Canadian Rule of Law
Chapter 5: The Principles and Practices of Procedural Fairness
Chapter 6: The Charter and Administrative Law Part I: Procedural Fairness
Chapter 7: The Dynamics of Independence, Impartiality, and Bias in the Canadian Administrative State
Chapter 8: Delegation and Consultation: How the Administrative State Functions and the Importance of Rules
Chapter 9: Fairness in Context: Achieving Fairness through Access to Administrative Justice
Chapter 10: Crown Liability for Negligent Administrative Action
Chapter 11: Standard of Review: Back to the Future?
Chapter 12: Making Sense of Reasonableness
Chapter 13: The Charter and Administrative Law Part II: Substantive Review
Chapter 14: Top Ten Questions (and a Few Answers) About Substantive Review
Chapter 15: Making a Federal Case Out of It: The Federal Court and Administrative Law
Chapter 16: International Human Rights Norms and Administrative Law

Archived Chapters (to be posted online)
From the 2nd Edition
Chapter 2: The Tools of the Administrative State and the Regulatory Mix
Chapter 5: From Natural Justice to Fairness: Thresholds, Content, and the Role of Judicial Review
Chapter 6: Advocacy Before Administrative Tribunals
Chapter 11: Administrative Discretion: Between Exercising Power and Conducting Dialogue
Chapter 16: Getting the Story Out: Accountability and the Law of Public Inquiries

This paper is the first comprehensive analysis of the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in Vavilov v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2019 SCC 65. Here, the Supreme Court rewrote its administrative law jurisprudence, aiming to bring clarity and coherence to an area of Canadian law long plagued by uncertainty. I commend the Supreme Court's effort to comprehensively address the issues raised over the last decade by judges, practitioners and scholars but I note that the coalition assembled in Vavilov could fracture in future cases, when the Vavilov framework is sure to come under pressure.
—Paul Daly, “Abstract”

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