Administrative Law in Context, 4th Edition

Administrative Law in Context, 4th Edition
Emond Publishing
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November 2021
Administrative Law; NCA Recommended; NCA Required

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Administrative Law in Context, 4th Edition examines the latest developments in the field of administrative law, relating to the important and contemporary contexts that shape legal ideas. This authoritative casebook provides a collaborative analysis of key principles and seminal cases by leveraging the voices of Canada’s leading scholars and practitioners.

The fourth edition includes a practical and in-depth analysis of the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2019 Vavilov trilogy. Bell, NFL, and Vavilov’s seminal decisions generated fundamental changes to the appellate standards of review. This edition also includes updated chapter questions, discussions, commentary, and practice tips.

This text employs an experiential teaching approach to the Canadian doctrine of administrative law, combining theory and applied learning to provide a text that students can take with them, from the classroom to the courtroom.

  • A companion website that acts as a teaching tool with edited and full text versions of cases and archived chapters from previous editions
  • A table with annotated extracts of key statutes.
  • New chapters on Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v Vavilov, 2019 SCC 65, covering this decisions changes to the framework for substantive review and the impact on decision making in lower courts
  • Expanded content on procedural fairness, the relationship between Indigenous peoples and administrative decision-makers, administrative agencies, and the intersection of public and private in common law
  • Contributions from Canada’s foremost legal experts: Alexandra Flynn, Andrew Green, Angus Grant, Audrey Macklin, Justice Alexander Pless, Colleen M. Flood, Craig Forcese, Cristie Ford, Evan Fox-Decent, Justice Freya Kristjanson, Geneviève Cartier, Gerald Heckman, Justice Grant Huscroft, Janna Promislow, Jennifer Dolling, Jennifer Raso, Kate Glover Berger, Laverne Jacobs, Leslie McIntosh Lorne Sossin, Martine Valois, Mary Liston, Naiomi Metallic, Paul Daly, Peter J. Carver, Sheila Wildeman, and WA Bogart.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mapping the Complex World of Administrative Law

Part I: Key Themes and Concepts
Chapter 2: What People Want, What They Get, and the Administrative State
Chapter 3: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Rule of Law but were Afraid to Ask in Class
Chapter 4: Delegation and Consultation: How the Administrative State Functions and the Importance of Rules
Chapter 5: Realizing Aboriginal Administrative Law

Part II: Procedural Fairness
Chapter 6: Fair Processes for Just Outcomes: The Principles and Practices of Procedural Fairness
Chapter 7: A Charter Twist on Procedural Fairness
Chapter 8: The Duty of the Administrative State to Consult Indigenous Peoples
Chapter 9: The Architecture of Fairness: Independence, Impartiality, and Bias
Chapter 10: Spanning the Constitutional Divide Between the Judiciary and The Executive: The Ill-Fated Nature of Administrative Tribunals

Part III: Substantive Review
Chapter 11: A Short History of Standard of Review
Chapter 12: Big Bang Theory: Vavilov’s New Framework for Substantive Review
Chapter 13: One of these things is not like the other: Vavilov and municipal decision-making
Chapter 14: International Human Rights Norms and the Substantive Review of Administrative Decision-Making
Chapter 15: The Charter and Administrative Law Part II: Substantive Review
Chapter 16: Fairness in Context: Achieving Fairness through Access to Administrative Justice

Part IV: Forums
Chapter 17: Habeas Corpus Unbound
Chapter 18: Much Ado About Quite A Bit: Administrative Agencies
Chapter 19: At the Core of Things: Section 96 of the Constitution Act, 1867 and Administrative Law
Chapter 20: Crown Liability for Negligent Administrative Action
Chapter 21: 3Ps: A Public/Private Primer

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Administrative Law in Context, 4th Edition

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