Administrative Law in Practice: Principles and Advocacy

Administrative Law in Practice: Principles and Advocacy
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June 2018
Administrative Law; NCA Recommended

Administrative Law in Practice: Principles and Advocacy is a practice-oriented guide for lawyers and other legal professionals.

Authors Lorne Sossin and Emily Lawrence combine a thorough review of case law, historical development, and policy rationales with practical guidance for successfully advocating in a variety of administrative law forums. This blended approach ensures readers have a comprehensive understanding of important topics like constitutional considerations, procedural fairness, discretionary powers, standards of review, and public and private law remedies against governmental action.

Whether you are newly called, new to this area of practice, or looking for a go-to resource to incorporate into your work, this text will deepen and enrich your knowledge of administrative law.

  • Foreword by Justice Freya Kristjanson, Ontario Superior Court of Justice
  • Examples of how administrative law principles influence the practice of government decision-making and tribunals
  • Discussion and analysis of recent case law, including:
    • Edmonton (City) v Edmonton East (Capilano) Shopping Centres Ltd., 2016 SCC 47
    • Ernst v Alberta Energy Regulator, 2017 SCC 1
    • Chippewas of the Thames First Nation v Enbridge Pipelines Inc., 2017 SCC 41
    • Clyde River (Hamlet) v Petroleum Geo-Services Inc., 2017 SCC 40
  • New material integrating Indigenous rights and Aboriginal law as part of the principles of administrative law
  • Practical advice on representing clients before government agencies and administrative tribunals
  • Guidance on how to develop a case for judicial review
  • Comprehensive discussion on pre-hearing and hearing procedures

Part I: Foundations of Canadian Administrative Law
Chapter 1: Administrative Law within Canada's Constitution and Legal System
Chapter 2: Key Principles
Chapter 3: Administrative Agencies, Boards, and Commissions
Chapter 4: Fairness: The Right to be Heard
Chapter 5: Fairness: Impartiality & Bias
Chapter 6: Constitutional Rights in Administrative Law
Chapter 7: The Standard of Review in Administrative Law

Part II: Advocacy and Practice
Chapter 8: Advocacy before Government Departments, Administrative Agencies, and Tribunals
Chapter 9: Tribunal Practice before Hearings
Chapter 10: Tribunal Practice during Hearings
Chapter 11: Presenting Evidence at a Hearing
Chapter 12: Administrative Agency: Management and Control of the Hearing Process
Chapter 13: Tribunal Decision-Making Procedures
Chapter 14: Remedies and Enforcement in Administrative Agencies and Tribunals
Chapter 15: Challenging Decisions of Tribunals and Administrative Agencies

"The fact that Sossin and Lawrence have taken on and delivered this resource isn’t surprising. Sossin is well known for being both a substantive expert and a crusader for bringing 'design thinking' to the law. This movement posits that legal processes and their application should be designed to respond to how the public engages and experiences the law—and, most importantly, what they are looking to achieve through that journey. Lawrence brings many years of experience as an administrative law practitioner. Given these diverse backgrounds, the result is a book that is comprehensive without being confounding, and, true to another principle of administrative law, decidedly purposive."

Read the full review here.

—Michael Gottheil, Chief of the Commission and Tribunal, Alberta Human Rights Commission
Former Executive Chair, Social Justice Tribunals Ontario

"...given the clarity and concision with which the core issues are presented, the potential audience for this book is wider still. Any individual who comes into contact with the administrative state—that is to say, almost all of us—would come away from this book with a better idea of how to interact effectively with front-line administrative decision-makers."

Read the full review here.

—Dr. Paul Daly, Administrative Law Matters Blog

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