ADR for Legal Professionals

ADR for Legal Professionals
Emond Publishing
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October 2016
ADR, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Arbitration

Unlike other conflict resolution texts, ADR for Legal Professionals recognizes and addresses the specific needs of paralegals involved in alternative dispute resolution. Following LSUC guidelines, the text explores key issues such as ethics, access to justice, licensing of paralegals, and the increased role of paralegals.

With information and tips designed for paralegals, readers will become better equipped to effectively advocate on behalf of clients. They will also learn fundamental tactics and develop essential communication skills that will prepare them for mediation, negotiation, and arbitration.

Additionally, this text provides practical resources including checklists, practice tips, and industry-specific examples to further enforce key concepts and strategies. This text is a must-have collection of specialized materials for any paralegal learning about conflict resolution.

  • Designed to meet the needs of LSUC's paralegal competencies
  • Includes numerous “Practice Tip” boxes throughout
  • Features sample agreements, checklists, figures, and tables
  • Addresses Paralegal Rules of Conduct
  • Provides margin glossary of key terms
  • Includes learning outcomes and review questions in each chapter
  1. Introduction: The Importance of ADR for Paralegals
  2. Understanding Conflict
  3. Conflict Theory
  4. Conflict Resolution Skills
  5. What is Negotiation?
  6. Preparing to Negotiate
  7. What Is Mediation?
  8. Preparing to Attend Mediation
  9. What Is Arbitration?
  10. Preparing for Arbitration Advocacy
  11. Other Conflict Resolution Processes
  12. ADR Duties as Required by the Paralegal Rules of Conduct

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