Advocacy for Paralegals, 2nd Edition

Advocacy for Paralegals, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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December 2016
Legal Practice Skills and Management; Paralegal

The second edition of Advocacy for Paralegals walks readers through all of the stages of a trial/hearing, including pre-trial preparations, opening statements, examinations of witnesses, and closing arguments.

Each of these stages is contextualized through three different hypothetical cases that cover three different areas of law: Small Claims, Landlord and Tenant, and Liquor Licensing (Provincial Offences). Using these cases as examples, readers can build essential skills like developing case theory and conducting witness interviews.

The text aims to help paralegals feel comfortable and capable in the courtroom. It details norms and etiquette, outlining what to expect and how to behave when acting as an advocate at a trial or hearing.

New Chapters Cover

  • Interviewing clients and witnesses—including sample witness interviews and end-of-chapter interview exercises
  • Licensing, scope of practice, and the relevant Paralegal Rules of Conduct that apply to paralegals as advocates
  • Presentation skills

New Resources Include

  • A mock trial package with witness statements and exhibits
  • More examples of opening statements, direct examinations, and cross-examinations in the context of newly added Landlord and Tenant, and Provincial Offences scenarios
  • Exercises and discussion questions added to the end-of-chapter review questions
  • Landlord and Tenant, and Provincial Offences case scenarios

Part I: Introduction and Overview of the Litigation Process
Chapter 1: Advocacy and the Litigation Process
Chapter 2: The Paralegal as Advocate

Part II: Overview of the Litigation Process
Chapter 3: Steps in the Litigation Process
Chapter 4: The Courtroom Experience
Chapter 5: Courtroom Etiquette

Part III: Preparing for Trial or Hearing
Chapter 6: The Theory of the Case
Chapter 7: Interviewing Witnesses
Chapter 8: Presentation Skills

Part IV: The Trial or Hearing
Chapter 9: Opening Statement
Chapter 10: Exhibits
Chapter 11: Direct Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 12: Cross-Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 13: Re-examination
Chapter 14: Closing Argument
Chapter 15: Additional Submissions
Chapter 16: Objections
Chapter 17: Final Preparation for the Trial or Hearing

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