Hugh C. Russell

Hugh C. Russell, Ph.D., is a thought leader with more than 45 years of globe-spanning applied community research that focuses on mobilizing and supporting all community members to address their social, and criminal justice issues. His work is predicated on the principle that safety, security and justice will not be realized unless and until communities are fully engaged in resolving their own issues of conflict and social disorder. This requires that police and other justice and social services assume special roles in assisting communities to take more responsibility for these issues.

Dr. Russell is principal architect of three major policies: 1) community mobilization, in which police help people in high-demand neighbourhoods take more responsibility for crime reduction, crime prevention and increased safety and security; 2) safety promotion within a framework for collaborative, risk-driven planning for community safety and well-being; and 3) promotion, development, training, evaluation and support for community risk mitigation strategies.

Dr. Russell is the author of a manual for risk mitigation through “situation tables” that is freely available through an e-learning program offered by Wilfred Laurier University. It may be accessed here.

Dr. Russell is a proponent and trainer of the community justice strategy known as “community” conferencing.” He has trained police officers, lawyers, professional mediators and community members in applications of conferencing to resolve conflicts in schools, the community and workplaces.

Awarded a life membership in the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, and recipient of the Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner’s Commendation for his work with Ontario police services, Dr. Russell has also advised other provincial governments, as well as the armed forces, state governments and police in the United States.

Russell is a speaker and public educator on community justice practices.



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