Canadian Business Law: An Alberta Perspective

Canadian Business Law: An Alberta Perspective
Emond Publishing
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July 2019
Business, Corporate, and Commercial Law

Canadian Business Law: An Alberta Perspective provides a comprehensive overview of business law and operations, emphasizing a legal risk management perspective. Using Alberta-specific resources and references, readers will gain a working knowledge of Canada’s and Alberta’s legal systems, as well as key concepts across multiple areas of law, including torts, contracts, consumer protection, employment, property, dispute resolution, and more.

A new recurring fact scenario is featured throughout the text to illustrate various legal issues and business practices, helping readers to engage more actively and effectively with different principles and concepts. By presenting business law through a more practical lens, this text helps readers build confidence in their ability to navigate real-world business situations and effectively minimize risk.

  • Insights from expert contributors: Kathryn Filsinger, Camilla Wheeler, Nora Rock, and Laurence Olivo
  • Alberta-specific references and examples include statutes, regulations, court decisions, and government resources.
  • “Minimizing Your Risk” boxes containing practical business advice.
  • A recurring, fictional, small-business fact scenario that places chapter concepts in an applied context.
  • A chapter on business in the digital age.

Chapter 1: Foundations of Business Law in Canada
Chapter 2: Resolving Disputes and Navigating Canada’s Court System
Chapter 3: Tort Law
Chapter 4: Understanding Contracts
Chapter 5: Working with Contracts
Chapter 6: Facilitating Business, Protecting Consumers, and Safeguarding the Marketplace
Chapter 7: Forms of Carrying On Business
Chapter 8: Banking, Financing, and Debtor-Creditor Law
Chapter 9: Workplace Law
Chapter 10: Property Law
Chapter 11: Intellectual Property and Business Law in the Digital Age

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