Canadian Constitutional Law, 5th Edition

Canadian Constitutional Law, 5th Edition
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November 2016
Constitutional Law

The fifth edition of Canadian Constitutional Law is a significant update to a leading authority on the state of Canadian constitutional law. This text remains true to the structure and purposes of previous editions, especially with regard to the editors’ commitment to the idea that understanding constitutional history is critical to comprehending the present and future of Canadian constitutional law.

This interdisciplinary text emphasizes the rich history of various features of the Canadian Constitution. This edition covers key topics such as Indigenous peoples and the Constitution, constitutional history and interpretation, Canadian Federalism, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In addition, this text serves as a valuable pedagogical resource in the classroom, remaining the most comprehensive casebook and teaching resource on Canadian constitutional law.

Important new cases:

  • On the structure of the Canadian Constitution: Supreme Court Act and Senate References
  • On federalism: National Securities Reference and Assisted Human Reproduction Act Reference
  • On Aboriginal Peoples: Daniels v. Canada, plus excerpts from the truth and Reconciliation Commission, and new readings on Indigenous law
  • On the application of the Charter in cases of judicial review: Doré v. Barreau du Québec
  • On freedom of religion: Loyola v. Quebec
  • On freedom of expression: Saskatchewan v. Whatcott
  • On freedom of association: Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v. Saskatchewan
  • On Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Canada v. Bedford

Significant revision of chapters covering:

  • Interpreting the division of powers
  • The criminal law power
  • The judiciary
  • Aboriginal Peoples and the Constitution
  • Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Life, Liberty and Security of the Person
  • Equality rights
  • Enforcement of Charter rights

Part One: Introduction to Canadian Constitutional Law
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Judicial Review and Constitutional Interpretation

Part Two: Federalism
Chapter 3: From Contact to Confederation
Chapter 4: The Late Nineteenth Century: The Canadian Courts Under the Influence
Chapter 5: The Early Twentieth Century: Beginnings of Economic Regulation
Chapter 6: The 1930s: The Depression and the New Deal
Chapter 7: Federalism and the Modern Canadian State
Chapter 8: Interpreting the Division of Powers
Chapter 9: Peace, Order, and Good Government
Chapter 10: Economic Regulation
Chapter 11: Criminal Law
Chapter 12: Instruments of Flexibility in the Federal System

Part Three: The Judiciary
Chapter 13: The Judicial Function

Part Four: Aboriginal Peoples
Chapter 14: Aboriginal Peoples and the Constitution

Part Five: Rights
Chapter 15: Antecedents of the Charter
Chapter 16: The Advent of the Charter
Chapter 17: The Framework of the Charter
Chapter 18: Application
Chapter 19: Freedom of Religion
Chapter 20: Freedom of Expression
Chapter 21: Freedom of Association
Chapter 22: Life, Liberty, and Security of the Person
Chapter 23: Equality Rights
Chapter 24: Language Rights
Chapter 25: Enforcement of Rights

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