Canadian Private Investigator's Manual, 2nd Edition

Canadian Private Investigator's Manual, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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Publication Date:
June 2003
Policing, Security, and First Responders

The clear, straightforward language of this text makes it readily accessible to pre-service students in PFP and LASA programs. Written by two practising private investigators, the Canadian Private Investigator's Manual introduces students to real-life situations and challenges they will encounter in the field. The second edition is the most up-to-date text on P.I. practices — ensuring that students are learning the most current processes and operational techniques.

  • Practical, easy-to-understand explanations of laws and regulations relevant to private investigators, such as provincial trespass laws
  • Guides and overviews of different techniques, such as surveillance, disguise, and document analysis
  • Step-by-step guides to complex tasks such as investigating a crime
  • Examples of types of evidence and how to identify them
  • A glossary that emphasizes key terms

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Observation and Memory
Chapter 3: Description and Identification
Chapter 4: The Process of Investigation
Chapter 5: The Identification, Preservation, and Collection of Evidence
Chapter 6: Reconstruction of the Event and the Elimination Process
Chapter 7: Interview Process
Chapter 8: Interviewing Suspects
Chapter 9: Statement Writing
Chapter 10: Non-Verbal Communication
Chapter 11: Note Taking
Chapter 12: The Investigator’s Report
Chapter 13: Surveillance
Chapter 14: Technical Surveillance
Chapter 15: The Law in Relation to Auditory and Visual Surveillance
Chapter 16: Counter-Surveillance Measures
Chapter 17: Trespass
Chapter 18: Disguises and Investigative Tactics
Chapter 19: Court Procedure and Evidence
Chapter 20: The Powers and Authority of a Private Investigator
Chapter 21: Libel, Slander, and Perjury
Chapter 22: Document Analysis
Chapter 23: Specialized Forms of Investigation
Chapter 24: Undercover Investigation
Chapter 25: Domestic Investigations
Chapter 26: Tracing of Persons
Chapter 27: Sources of Information
Chapter 28: Background Inquiries
Chapter 29: Provincial Acts and Regulations
Chapter 30: Conclusion

Appendix A: Provincial Legislation
Appendix B: Further Information


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