Cannabis Awareness for the Workplace (Single User 1-Year Rental)

Cannabis Awareness for the Workplace (Single User 1-Year Rental)
Emond Publishing
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July 2019
CPD; Employment, Labour, and Human Resources Law; Policing, Security, and First Responders

Cannabis Awareness for the Workplace delivers a comprehensive overview of cannabis, from basic recognition and terminology to the laws that control cannabis use in Canada. This 19-minute video, featuring Detective John Margetson, examines various aspects of cannabis use, including recognizing a variety of cannabis forms and products; common health effects of cannabis use; a detailed breakdown of provisions contained in Canada’s Cannabis Act; Ontario’s Cannabis Control Act, 2017; the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017; and other cannabis-related laws.

Essential for any leadership role within an organization, this practical resource is suitable for any individual who wishes to educate themselves on such a topical and critical subject.

This video lecture is available for a one-year rental period to a single user. For groups or shared use, please enquire about our licensing options at


  • Forms of THC

Cannabis Specifics

  • Street names and purchase weights
  • Images of cannabis products
  • Common paraphernalia used with cannabis products
  • Onset and duration of effects of smoked cannabis vs oral cannabis consumption
  • Physical/psychological effects
  • Medicinal use for medical cannabis

Federal Cannabis Act

  • Regulations
  • Possession and possession exemptions (section 8)
  • Youth cannabis offences (sections 8 and 9)
  • Distribution (section 9)
  • Selling/possession for purpose of selling and importing/exporting (section 11)s
  • Production (section 12)
  • Penalties for adults, youth, and organizations

Ontario Cannabis Control Act, 2017

  • Age restrictions
  • Location restrictions and exemptions
  • Illegal dispensaries

Smoke Free Ontario Act, 2017

  • Restricted and regulated locations

Other cannabis related laws, such as Highway Traffic Act


Detective John Margetson

Detective John Margetson is a 27-year veteran of the Toronto Police presently serving as a supervisor with the Organized Crime Enforcement-Drug Squad. Detective Margetson is presently a recognized drug expert providing expert testimony, at all levels of court, on major drug investigation and organized crime groups. Prior to becoming a police officer, Detective Margetson served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a section commander in the infantry. Detective Margetson has served in the Community Response Unit as well as being an investigator with the Homicide Squad, Major Crime Unit, Vice Section and Criminal Investigation Bureau. Detective Margetson has provided numerous educational lectures on policing to various community and police organizations which includes the Ontario Police College. Detective Margetson presently instructs part-time at the Toronto Police College. While employed with the Canadian Armed Forces, Detective Margetson has provided training and instruction in various areas such as the infantry leadership course and basic infantry training. Detective Margetson has completed his Baccalaureate of Applied Arts in Criminal Justice Studies, at the University of Guelph-Humber (2017) and received a college diploma in Police Foundations Leadership with Honors at Humber College (2015).

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