Civil Litigation, 4th Edition

Civil Litigation, 4th Edition
Emond Publishing
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March 2020
Civil Litigation and Procedure; ILCO Required; Law Clerk

Civil Litigation, 4th Edition prepares law clerks for litigation as well as to assist lawyers for civil court. Readers will trace each stage of the process, from hiring a lawyer to the final stage of appealing a trial judgement, by following the Abigail fact situation which weaves throughout the text.

This text addresses key topics, including the procedure before commencement of proceedings, client management, motions, Documentary Discovery and e-Discovery, trial preparation, statement of account, simplified procedure under Rule 76, and the Commercial List. All content is contextualized with detailed explanations and up-to-date samples of litigation forms.

The fourth edition of Civil Litigation reflects amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure and include new learning outcomes, updated forms, court fees, and figures throughout.

  • Revisions reflect amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Additional Learning Outcomes and updated sample forms
  • A ‘slip and fall’ fact situation runs throughout the book so students can follow the progression of a civil case
  • Chapter summaries allow for a quick review of the material
  • Comprehensive glossary of key terms

Part I: An Overview of the Civil Litigation Process
Chapter 1: Overview of a Civil Lawsuit

Part II: From Commencement of Proceedings to Close of Pleadings
Chapter 2: Procedure Before Commencement of Proceedings
Chapter 3: Client Management and Interviewing
Chapter 4: Introduction to the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Courts of Justice Act
Chapter 5: Identification of Parties, Joinder of Claims and Parties
Chapter 6: Commencing Proceedings
Chapter 7: Drafting Pleadings
Chapter 8: Service of Court Documents
Chapter 9: Motions
Chapter 10: Default Judgment
Chapter 11: Summary Judgment: Rule 20
Chapter 12: Counterclaims, Crossclaims, and Third-Party Claims
Chapter 13: Amending Pleadings

Part III: From Discovery to Trial
Chapter 14: Documentary Discovery and E-Discovery
Chapter 15: Examination for Discovery
Chapter 16: Pretrial Procedures
Chapter 17: Trial Preparation and Trial
Chapter 18: Judgments
Chapter 19: Costs
Chapter 20: Statement of Accounts
Chapter 21: Appeals
Chapter 22: Case Management
Chapter 23: Mandatory Mediation
Chapter 24: Simplified Procedure: Rule 76
Chapter 25: The Commercial List


A series of updates about how COVID-19 has affected Ontario courts can be found at

Errata document

A series of updates about how COVID-19 has affected Ontario courts can be found at

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