Clinical Law: Practice, Theory, and Social Justice Advocacy

Clinical Law: Practice, Theory, and Social Justice Advocacy
Emond Publishing
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December 2015
Legal Practice Skills and Management

Clinical Law: Practice, Theory, and Social Justice Advocacy is the first Canadian text of its kind to integrate the theories of clinical law and provide a set of practical tools to assist lawyers in effectively advocating for their clients. This hands-on guide puts individual client advocacy at its centre with information on how to interview and counsel clients and how to strategize, negotiate, and verbally advocate for clients.

Clinical Law focuses on the different contexts in which clinical law is practised. The text discusses practical approaches to building relationships with clients and communities, and explores the future of clinical legal practice.

  • Personal case examples from authors' clinics and from colleagues
  • A great companion for substantive legal texts and materials

  • Chapter 1: Contexts of Clinical Legal Education
  • Chapter 2: Law, Power and Critical Approaches to Clinical Law Practice
  • Chapter 3: Clinical Legal Education as a Method of Learning
  • Chapter 4: Roles, Relationships, and Ethics in Clinical Practice
  • Chapter 5: Individual Client Advocacy in Context: Client Interviewing and Counseling
  • Chapter 6: Legal Writing in the Clinic
  • Chapter 7: Client Advocacy in Context: Strategy, Negotiation and Oral Advocacy
  • Chapter 8: Systemic and Community Advocacy
  • Chapter 9: The Future of Clinical Legal Education

"The authors articulate a strong commitment to the potential of the legal clinic to advance broader social justice goals, and this is an important consideration throughout the book. The final chapter on systemic advocacy points to the potential for the legal clinic to address social problems in a manner that has real value for clients. I particularly appreciated the 'lessons from the field,' a real-world example illustrating the use of collaboration to address the social problems that confront legal clinic clients."

Read the full review here.

—Genevieve Hillsburg, Legal Counsel, BC Ministry of Justice and Attorney General

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