Conducting Internal Interviews (Single User 1-Year Rental)

Conducting Internal Interviews (Single User 1-Year Rental)
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July 2019
CPD; Employment, Labour, and Human Resources Law; Policing, Security, and First Responders

Conducting Internal Interviews: Dealing with Impaired Employees in the Workplace equips supervisors and managers with the knowledge and assessment skills to tactfully approach difficult situations regarding employee impairment and misconduct. Featuring Detective Sergeant Stefan Prentice of the Toronto Police Service Special Investigations Unit Liaison, this 20-minute video examines the importance of strong leadership, with tips to strengthen your leadership at work; workplace risks when dealing with employee impairment; Human Rights Code violations; the internal interview process; awareness tips and documentation; and a hierarchy of concerns, as well as workplace impacts.

Essential for any leadership role within an organization, such as management and human resources, this practical resource is suitable for any individual who wishes to increase their understanding about this important and complicated process.

This video lecture is available for a one-year rental period to a single user. For groups or shared use, please enquire about our licensing options at

  • Preventing, planning, and managing situations as a leader
  • Assessing workplace risks
  • Responsibility to intervene
  • Manager–employee dynamic and communication
  • Internal interview stages
  • Forms of documentation
  • Hierarchy of concerns
  • Workplace impact
  • Scenario examples
  • Quiz

Stefan Prentice

Stefan Prentice is a long-serving police officer with the TPS and has many years’ experience in the Detective Operations side of TPS. Stefan has been involved in multiple facets of investigations, including a background with the TPS Drug Squad. Stefan holds the rank of Detective Sergeant, and is one of three current SIU Liaison Officers for the TPS. Stefan is responsible for the TPS response to any SIU initiated investigation. In this role, Stefan is responsible for ensuring that everything is properly sourced, that evidence/equipment is provided (or not) to the SIU, and oversees the collection of all pertinent documents, and the sharing of such documents with the SIU. Stefan reports directly to the Chief and must complete thorough internal investigations and reports. In this current role, Stefan is continually conversing with the Professional Services Branch of the TPS, and must deal with both subject and witness officers every day, as well as the Toronto Police Association, Senior Officers Organization and the applicable lawyers. As the organization's subject matter expert, Stefan is current in all current laws and policies staying proactive and on top of any potential changes.

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Conducting Internal Interviews (Single User 1-Year Rental)

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