Contemporary Canadian Social Issues, 2nd Edition

Contemporary Canadian Social Issues, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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June 2008
Policing, Security, and First Responders; Sociology and Psychology

Carmen Niessen and Rebecca Bromwich combine sociological theory with legal and practical expertise in this new edition of Contemporary Canadian Social Issues. They continue to offer instruction on how to identify social problems. This text examines ways of analyzing these problems through various sociological perspectives, applying them to a variety of important issues in Canadian society. Students are encouraged to form responses to these issues, as well as respond to those of various social groups. Students will gain the ability to approach issues encountered in their future careers — in policing, corrections, private security, and beyond — in a professional, sensitive, and appropriate manner.

  • Focuses on practical concerns for police officers in Canada
  • A detailed glossary that defines key terms
  • Conclusions for each chapter that summarize the learning objectives
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of complex social issues, including drug addiction, prostitution and gender
  • Examination of social issues from multiple viewpoints
  • Instructor’s Resources
    • Includes Instructor’s Guide, test bank, and PowerPoint presentations

New to the second edition

  • New and existing topics have been added and expanded
  • Chapter objectives and glossary terms have been updated and enhanced
  • New “Dimensions,” “Analysis,” and “Responses” sections clearly provide students with historical contexts for each issue, the opportunity to examine these issues via different sociological perspectives, and reactions to the issues from government, law enforcement, community groups, and individuals
  • Structural-functional, social conflict, and symbolic interactionist perspectives continue to be used as analytical tools, and feminist and social constructionist perspectives have been added.
  • New “Analysis” and “Power Resources” charts allow students to summarize issues and apply perspectives
  • New exercises and questions encourage students to review their knowledge
  • New “For Further Research” sections include suggested web sites for student investigation, as well as annotated descriptions of selected sites
  • Reference lists have been significantly expanded

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2 The Analytical Method
Chapter 3: Substance Use and Abuse
Chapter 4: The Sex Trade
Chapter 5: Gender Inequality
Chapter 6: Family Problems
Chapter 7: Economic Inequality
Chapter 8: Rural and Urban Inequality
Chapter 9: Globalization
Chapter 10: Final Thoughts


  • Instructor's Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Test Bank

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Contemporary Canadian Social Issues, 2nd Edition

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