Contract and Tort Law for Paralegals, 2nd Edition

Contract and Tort Law for Paralegals, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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January 2018
Contracts and Remedies; Tort Law

Contract and Tort Law for Paralegals, 2nd Edition is a current, informative, and accessible resource geared specifically toward paralegals and their scope of practice.

The text is written to help readers navigate and understand the complexities associated with contract and tort law. It uses real-world examples, handy figures, and current case law to engage students and instill key concepts. Law Society requirements have also been incorporated into this edition to best prepare students for their exams.

This essential overview of contract and tort law provides readers with the building blocks of Canadian civil law that are vital to the work of any practising paralegal.

  • “Practice Tip” boxes inspired by the author’s career as a practicing lawyer
  • “Case in Point” boxes that feature actual cases and their outcomes, ideal for class discussion
  • “Fact Scenario” boxes that allow students to apply the law that they have learned
  • New table of cases
  • New, more visually-appealing layout with added figures
  • Prepares students for exams with sample questions
  • Provides key terms at the end of each chapter
  • Includes end-of-chapter material that is tailored to scope of practice as outlined by the Law Society

Chapter 1: Contracts and Torts: Establishing Context

Part I: Contract Law
Chapter 2: Introduction to the Law of Contracts
Chapter 3: Formation of a Contract
Chapter 4: Legality and Formalities of a Contract
Chapter 5: Capacity to Contract
Chapter 6: Contract Interpretation
Chapter 7: Issues in Contractual Rights: Privity, Assignment, and Discharge
Chapter 8: E-Commerce and Contractual Defects
Chapter 9: Breach of Contract and Legal Remedies for Breach of Contract

Part II: Tort Law
Chapter 10: Introduction to Torts
Chapter 11: Introduction to Intentional Torts
Chapter 12: Defences to Intentional Torts
Chapter 13: Introduction to Negligence
Chapter 14: Defences to Negligence and Limits on Liability
Chapter 15: Special Classes of Liability

The Case in Point on pages 43-44 states that the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in Barrick v Clark that Clark’s acceptance was valid. It was, in fact, not valid. Click the link for the full update.

A series of updates about how COVID-19 has affected Ontario courts can be found at

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