Corporate Law and Procedure, 2nd Edition

Corporate Law and Procedure, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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February 2021
Business, Corporate, and Commercial Law; Law Clerk

Corporate Law and Procedure, 2nd Edition offers a unique balance between the legal foundations of corporate law and the correct procedures for creating and maintaining a corporation. Through a developing case study and other tools, this resource provides context for how theories and policies are applied in practice. Students will follow a recurring scenario that illustrates the full life cycle of a single corporation, including its start-up, growth, maintenance, and dissolution.

This edition offers new and updated content, discussion questions, practical examples, visuals, and numerous useful forms. Chapters present an accessible introduction for those with little or no business background, but they also include additional details for experienced readers who wish to explore complex issues.


  • An introduction to key concepts and terms alongside discussion of advanced issues
  • New chapter on director and shareholder meetings
  • Recurring “fact scenario” that allows students to apply their knowledge in various situations
  • New practical examples, including sample forms, checklists, and a shareholders’ meeting script
  • Online materials that provide quick updates for areas that are in transition (such as the creation of Ontario not-for-profit corporations)
  • Up-to-date legislative changes, including COVID-19 response measures
  • Updates to the OBCA pursuant to Ontario Bill 213 (not yet in force) are included in the Instructor's Guide
  • Teaching package that includes: Instructor’s Guide, PowerPoint slides, Test Bank, and new Supplemental Fact Scenario


PART I: Introduction
1. Introduction: The Regulation of Business in Canada
2. Methods of Carrying on Business and Other Activities
PART II: Choosing a Business Form and Name
3. Carrying on Business as a Sole Proprietorship
4. Carrying on Business as a Partnership
5. Carrying on Business as a Corporation
6. Naming a Business
PART III: Creating and Organizing a Corporation
7. The Incorporation Process
8. Directors’ and Shareholders’ Resolutions
9. Organizing the Corporation
PART IV: Maintaining a Corporation and Other Corporate Actions
10. Maintaining the Corporation
11. Corporate Transactions
12. Corporate Changes
PART V: Topics for Further Study
13. Personal Liability in the Corporate Context
14. Public Corporations and Securities Law
15. Debt Financing
16. Not-for-Profit Organizations

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Corporate Law and Procedure, 2nd Edition

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