Corporate Law

Corporate Law
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May 2005
Business, Corporate, and Commercial Law; NCA Recommended

This engaging new text explains and analyzes corporate law concepts in a way that is sensitive to the needs of law students who have no prior background in business. Contentious corporate law questions are introduced with simple examples to provide context and to frame the issues. Newcomers to the field will develop an intuitive grasp of the practical problems that Canadian corporate law tries to address.

Instructors who are using traditional corporate law casebooks will find the solid framework of this straightforward text a great source of supplementary and background reading for students.

Students will be introduced to the vocabulary of the practising corporate lawyer, as well as to the main academic discussions that occupy corporate law scholars. They will learn how academic theories of the business organization in general, and the corporation in particular, translate into the real-life working phenomenon of the Canadian business corporation.

Doctrinal rigour and underlying policy considerations are carefully combined to provide a thorough and thoughtful picture of the Canadian corporate law landscape, and a solid foundation for understanding debates on such topical issues as directors’ and officers’ liability, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility. This text is comprehensive in scope and national in perspective. While the focus is primarily on the CBCA, there are generous references and comparisons to statutory provisions from every common law province in Canada.

Finally, for the busy practitioner and the business person, the book offers a convenient consolidation of many basic sources, a welcome refresher of fundamental principles, and a concise introduction to recent corporate law scholarship.

  • Introduction to Law and Legal Theory
  • Mechanics of Incorporation
  • Fundamental Characteristics
  • Private Corporations
  • Promoter and Pre-Incorporation Contracts
  • Contracting Authority, Corporate Seals, and Ultra Vires
  • Piercing / Lifting the Corporate Veil
  • Criminal and Tort Liability
  • Corporate Structure
  • Best Interests of the Corporation
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Corporate Law

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