Criminal Investigation: Forming Reasonable Grounds, 5th Edition

Criminal Investigation: Forming Reasonable Grounds, 5th Edition
Emond Publishing
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September 2008
Evidence and Investigation; Policing, Security, and First Responders

The fifth edition of this essential text continues to emphasize applied learning through practical case studies and examination of real-life case law decisions. Students will learn how to form reasonable grounds during a criminal investigation by focusing on investigative principles and procedures such as interviewing witnesses, questioning suspects, preserving crime scenes, and interpreting physical evidence. This accessible text is suitable for both Interviewing and Evidence courses in Police Foundations programs.

  • Case studies with detailed conclusions and commentary
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Clear and precise explanations of complex legal procedures
  • Descriptions of the rights of accused persons and how to interact with accused persons without impinging on their rights
  • Discussion of theories and best practices of police activities, such as interrogation and being the first officer on a scene
  • Instructor’s Resources include an Instructor’s Guide, a test bank, and PowerPoint presentations

New to the fifth edition

  • New easy-to-understand, reality-based decision-making models guide students through investigative strategies, decision-making skills, and theory development used by front-line officers
  • More landmark, current case law decisions affecting front-line police procedures are outlined and explained
  • Chapters have been reorganized and restructured to better suit course structure
  • Learner Summaries have been added at the beginning of each chapter, outlining major topics and themes
  • Discussions of investigative theory development have been revised
  • Contemporary topics such as witness evidence and accuracy, videotaping confessions, cognitive dissonance/conscience rationalization theory, and knowledge concealment have been expanded and updated
  • “First Officer” responsibilities are highlighted
  • A list of investigative competencies helps students understand requirements for both entry-level and advanced policing careers
  • Includes exclusive online content for students that is regularly updated by the author

Phase 1: Basic Investigative Strategies

  • Chapter  1: Investigative Competencies
  • Chapter  2: Investigative Decision-Making Model: The Base IDM
  • Chapter  3: Basic Investigative Sequence: The Theory Development Model
  • Chapter  4: First Officer Responsibilities: Emergency Response and Preliminary Investigation
  • Chapter  5: Crime Scene Investigation: Protection, Examination, Analysis, Reconstruction
  • Chapter  6: Applying Phase 1

Phase 2: Case Management: Witness Interviews

  • Chapter  7: Validating the Offence: Criminal Investigation Analysis
  • Chapter  8: Witness Compellability and Competency
  • Chapter  9: Rules of Evidence, Part 1: Hearsay Evidence
  • Chapter 10: Rules of Evidence, Part 2: Character and Communications
  • Chapter 11: Witness Credibility
  • Chapter 12: Witness Interviews: Strategies and Procedures
  • Chapter 13: Applying Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Chapter 14: Witness Deception: Evaluating Credibility
  • Chapter 15: Informants and Children

Phase 3: Interrogations and Confessions

  • Chapter 16: Rules of Evidence: Confessions
  • Chapter 17: Preventing Charter Violations
  • Chapter 18: Interrogation Principles and Procedures
  • Chapter 19: Detecting Deception

Phase 4: Physical Evidence

  • Chapter 20: Admissibility: Rules of Evidence
  • Chapter 21: Sudden-Death Investigation
  • Chapter 22: Determining Means of Death

Table of Cases

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Test Bank (Instructor and student versions)

Online component: Case Summaries

For free instructor resources, contact instructor support.

Online component: Case Summaries

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Criminal Investigation: Forming Reasonable Grounds, 5th Edition

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