Criminal Law and Procedure: Cases and Materials, 11th Edition

Criminal Law and Procedure: Cases and Materials, 11th Edition
Emond Publishing
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June 2015
Criminal Law and Procedure; NCA Recommended

NOTE: Please visit Criminal Law and Procedure, 12th Edition for the latest edition.

Criminal Law and Procedure: Cases and Materials, now in its eleventh edition, weaves commentary and case law together to provide contextual background for the legislation that governs both regulatory and criminal offences. The text also provides practical information on how that legislation is applied.

Beginning with an examination of the process by which criminal law is created and the motivations that drive its development, Criminal Law and Procedure continues with an analysis of the impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It then moves through basic criminal procedures, such as bail hearings and jury selection, as the authors examine the fundamental requirements for procedural fairness in the system.

Following a discussion of mens rea and actus reus and the principles of criminal liability, the book provides an overview of defences and, finally, sentencing principles. New to the eleventh edition is material on ethical duties of counsel and professional responsibility.

  • New chapter on self defence, explaining and analyzing the new self-defence provisions
  • New chapter on duress, integrating the Ryan decision
  • Updated section on the limits of criminal law, dealing with the Bedford decision and the expanded role of section 7 of the Charter
  • Updated chapter on sexual assault with a section dedicated to the limits on consent
  • Ethical and professional responsibilities issues with trial process chapter
  • Longer case extracts

Preface to the Eleventh Edition
Table of Contents
Detailed Table of Contents
Table of Cases

Part I: Introduction to Criminal Law and Procedure

Chapter 1: Sources of Criminal Law
Chapter 2: Limits on Criminal Law
Chapter 3: Police Powers
Chapter 4: The Trial Process

Part II: Principles of Criminal Liability

Chapter 5: Conduct or Actus Reus
Chapter 6: Absolute and Strict Responsibility
Chapter 7: Fault or Mens Rea
Chapter 8: Ignorance of the Law

Part III: Extensions of Criminal Liability

Chapter 9: Participation
Chapter 10: Inchoate Offences
Chapter 11: Corporate Liability

Part IV: Sexual Assault and Homicide

Chapter 12: Sexual Assault
Chapter 13: Homicide

Part V: Principles of Exculpation

Chapter 14: Provocation
Chapter 15: Mental Disorder and Automatism
Chapter 16: Intoxication
Chapter 17: Self-Defence
Chapter 18: Duress
Chapter 19: Necessity

Part VI: Disposition

Chapter 20: Sentencing

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