Criminal Law for Legal Professionals, 2nd Edition

Criminal Law for Legal Professionals, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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February 2018
Criminal Law and Procedure; Law Clerk; Paralegal

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Criminal Law for Legal Professionals, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive introductory text designed specifically for paralegals and law clerks. This edition covers not only the history and framework of criminal law in Canada, but also recent and relevant legislation surrounding topics like cannabis, prostitution, and physician-assisted suicide.

The text strives to prepare legal professionals for the workforce by providing information on scope of practice and office procedures. Additionally, “real world” scenarios have been included throughout so that readers can apply what they’ve learned, as well as get a feel for the work that paralegals and law clerks do day-to-day.

  • New scenarios based on real-life circumstances to get readers thinking about the material discussed in each chapter
  • Added content on the paralegal scope of practice
  • Designed to meet Law Society of Ontario competencies
  • Key terms are highlighted and defined throughout
  • Chapter 19 has been refreshed to be more applicable to paralegals
  • References to recent and important case law throughout

Part I: Introduction and Overview
Chapter 1: Criminal Law in Canada
Chapter 2: The Constitution and Criminal Law
Chapter 3: The Criminal Code
Chapter 4: The Canadian Criminal Process

Part II: Substantive Criminal Law
Chapter 5: The Elements of an Offence
Chapter 6: Parties to an Offence
Chapter 7: Inchoate Offences
Chapter 8: Corporate Liability
Chapter 9: Some Specific Offences
Chapter 10: Major Defences

Part III: Criminal Procedure
Chapter 11: Classification of Offences
Chapter 12: Court Jurisdiction
Chapter 13: Investigatory Powers
Chapter 14: Bringing the Accused Before Court
Chapter 15: Release of the Accused Prior to Trial
Chapter 16: Informations and Indictments
Chapter 17: Pretrial Procedure
Chapter 18: Criminal Rules
Chapter 19: The Trial
Chapter 20: Sentencing
Chapter 21: Appeals
Chapter 22: Alternative Measures

Part IV: Young Persons and Criminal Law
Chapter 23: The Youth Criminal Justice Act

Part V: Office Procedures for Criminal Law
Chapter 24: Common Office Procedures


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