Criminal Law for Legal Professionals, 3rd Edition

Criminal Law for Legal Professionals, 3rd Edition
Emond Publishing
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April 2021
Criminal Law and Procedure; Law Clerk; Paralegal

Criminal Law for Legal Professionals, 3rd Edition presents a broad overview of criminal law and procedure in Canada. The text strikes a balance between theory and practice while covering key subjects, including the Criminal Code, corporate liability in organizations, court jurisdiction, and appeals.

This edition includes legislative updates, including to Bill C-75 which has brought sweeping changes to both substantive criminal law and the manner in which criminal offences are prosecuted. It also presents new case law, administrative sources, and an updated Appendix that fully explains and reflects the current state of paralegal scope of practice and regulation in Ontario. The Appendix also includes a detailed and comprehensive list of summary conviction and hybrid offences (where the Crown proceeds by way of summary conviction) that fall within the scope of practice for paralegals in Ontario.

This resource is ideal for preparing students for the paralegal profession in Ontario.


  • Recent Bill C-75 changes, which affect pre-trial release and bail provisions, special sentencing provisions for intimate partner violence, appearances by audioconference or videoconference, preliminary inquiries to the most serious offences, jury selection process, remediation agreements for organizations, and reclassifying offences
  • Practical exercises, including real-life scenarios, discussion questions, forms, and checklists
  • Additional case law and administrative sources
  • A complete list of offences within the Paralegal Scope of Practice
  • Key terms that are highlighted and defined throughout
  • Instructor package: Test bank, Instructor’s Guide, and PowerPoint presentations


PART I: Introduction and Overview
CHAPTER 1: Criminal Law in Canada
CHAPTER 2: The Constitution and Criminal Law
CHAPTER 3: The Criminal Code
CHAPTER 4: The Canadian Criminal Process
CHAPTER 5: The Elements of an Offence

PART II: Substantive Criminal Law
CHAPTER 6: Parties to an Offence
CHAPTER 7: Inchoate Offences
CHAPTER 8: Corporate Liability: Organizations
CHAPTER 9: Some Specific Offences
CHAPTER 10: Major Defences

PART III: Criminal Procedure
CHAPTER 11: Classification of Offences
CHAPTER 12: Court Jurisdiction
CHAPTER 13: Investigatory Powers
CHAPTER 14: Bringing the Accused Before Court
CHAPTER 15: Release of the Accused Prior to Trial
CHAPTER 16: Informations and Indictments
CHAPTER 17: Pre-Trial Procedure
CHAPTER 18: Criminal Rules
CHAPTER 19: The Trial
CHAPTER 20: Sentencing
CHAPTER 21: Appeals
CHAPTER 22: Alternative Measures

PART IV: Young Persons and Criminal Law
CHAPTER 23: The Youth Criminal Justice Act

PART V: Office Procedures for Criminal Law
CHAPTER 24: Common Office Procedures

APPENDIX A: Paralegal Scope of Practice
APPENDIX B: Checklists and Forms

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