Criminal Procedure: Cases and Materials

Criminal Procedure: Cases and Materials
Emond Publishing
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December 2019
Criminal Law and Procedure

Criminal Procedure: Cases and Materials is the first comprehensive and truly practical treatment of criminal procedure in Canada. Unlike other texts in this area, this book serves as both a casebook and a textbook, offering case summaries and analysis, as well as detailed insights into common activities within a criminal court.

The author team—whose experience includes decades of teaching and practice—offers insight into Charter concerns as well as real-world courtroom topics like plea bargains, elections, and pre-trial issues. Additionally, each chapter concludes with questions that encourage the reader to think critically and engage with the material.

This practice-oriented approach will not only educate readers on the law and various legal principles, but also prepare them to actually enter a courtroom.

  • Summaries and extracts of recent cases, including: R v Antic, 2017 SCC 27; R v Jones, 2017 SCC 60; R v Cody, 2017 SCC 31; and R v Oland, 2017 SCC 17
  • Problems at the end of each chapter to help readers reflect on the content (answer sheet available for instructors)

Chapter 1: Jurisdiction
Chapter 2: Search and Seizure: General Principles
Chapter 3: Search and Seizure: With Warrant
Chapter 4: Search and Seizure: Without Warrant
Chapter 5: Detention
Chapter 6: Investigative Detention and Search
Chapter 7: Charter s.10
Chapter 8: Right to Silence
Chapter 9: Charging, Arrest, and Police Bail
Chapter 10: Judicial Interim Release
Chapter 11: Disclosure and Third-Party Production
Chapter 12: Pre-Trial Process
Chapter 13: Resolutions
Chapter 14: Elections
Chapter 15: Preliminary Inquiries
Chapter 16: Counts, Joinder, Severance
Chapter 17: Temporal Limits
Chapter 18: Charter s.24
Chapter 19: Trial
Chapter 20: Double Jeopardy
Chapter 21: Appeals

Due to the changes introduced by Bill C-75, An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and other Acts and to make consequential amendments to other Acts, Chapter 15, question 4 is not accurate.

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