Dispute Resolution: Readings and Case Studies, 4th Edition

Dispute Resolution: Readings and Case Studies, 4th Edition
Emond Publishing
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December 2015
ADR, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Arbitration; Arbitration

Dispute Resolution: Readings and Case Studies, 4th Edition explores the theory and practice of dispute resolution by highlighting examples from Canada, the US, and other jurisdictions. This casebook includes a careful selection of key writings by renowned dispute resolution theorists and practitioners. It surveys a range of dispute resolution processes — conflict analysis, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, online dispute resolution (ODR), hybrid processes, and dispute systems design and evaluation — and introduces the reader to their practical application and to some of the debates over their use. Teaching questions, articles, and case studies are included throughout the text to enhance and to test readers’ knowledge and understanding. The fourth edition allows for a contextual approach to dispute resolution by featuring readings that examine how the aforementioned processes are applied in different spheres, including family matters, business disputes, labour and employment, and criminal law.

  • Thoroughly revised and updated with key materials that are relevant and accessible to readers
  • Contemporary examples and case studies introduced by leadings authors in the field
  • New bibliography of readings
  • Integration of multidisciplinary concepts on conflict and dispute resolution
    • Contains a range of topics devoted not just to dispute resolution but also to frames for working with conflict processes
  • Notes provide additional information and references to up-to-date articles, legislation, or cases
  • Recognition of changes in legal practice, which require practitioners to know more about alternative methods of dispute resolution and how to skillfully use these methods

Chapter 1: Conflict Analysis (Julie Macfarlane)
Chapter 2: Negotiation (John Manwaring)
Chapter 3: Mediation (Ellen Zweibel & John Kleefeld)
Chapter 4: Arbitration (Marina Pavlovic & Anthony Daimsis)
Chapter 5: Online Dispute Resolution (Ellen Zweibel)
Chapter 6: Hybrid Processes (Ellen Zweibel)
Chapter 7: Designing and Evaluating Dispute Resolution Systems and Processes
(Julie Macfarlane)

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