Diversity Issues in Law Enforcement, 3rd Edition

Diversity Issues in Law Enforcement, 3rd Edition
Emond Publishing
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January 2007
Diversity; Policing, Security, and First Responders

The third edition of Diversity Issues in Law Enforcement continues the tradition of excellence in this series. This text has evolved substantially since it was first published in 1997. It retains the same sound organization, pedagogy, and text-workbook format, but has been significantly updated to reflect a post-9/11 society. This edition will familiarize students to a wide array of diversity issues, and provide them with a practical knowledge of this important aspect of policing.

  • Provides clear learning objectives with “Preview Scenarios” cases that encourage critical thinking
  • Discusses the status of Canada's multiculturalism initiatives
  • Describes the impact of 9/11 on Canada's pluralistic society
  • Offers Canadianized examples and contexts as they relate to diversity and community policing initiatives
  • Explores human rights and equality issues with reference to the Charter and key federal and provincial legislation
  • Describes how historical immigration trends and patterns influence current immigration and refugee policy, as well as settlement and adaptation patterns of new immigrants
  • Explains the concepts of culture, race, ethnicity, and religion in a historical context
  • Examines self-perceptions of police and community perceptions of police, and the importance of police training in race relations, cultural sensitivity, and diversity
  • Identifies community policing strategies that promote anti-racism initiatives
  • Instructor’s Resources
    • Instructor materials include a test bank and PowerPoint presentations
    • Provides end-of-chapter review and exercise questions; key terms; and Application Now, From Thought to Action, and Food for Thought exercises that encourage students to interpret and personalize their experiences with the material
    • Defines key terms (e.g., stereotype, prejudice, racism, and racial profiling)
    • Offers numerous tables and grids including up-to-date Criminal Code incidents, demographics, community policing principles, Statistics Canada data, Dos and Don'ts, and much more

Part I: Conceptual and Legal Considerations

  • Chapter 1: Police Culture in a Diversity Context
  • Chapter 2: Diversity Ideologies and Policies
  • Chapter 3: Human Rights and Freedoms

Part II: Social and Religious Considerations in Policing

  • Chapter 4: Host Communities and Immigration Policies
  • Chapter 5: Cultural Diversity Values, Beliefs, and Practices
  • Chapter 6: Religious Diversity

Part III: Process and Outcome Considerations

  • Chapter 7: Policing Diversity-Motivated Beliefs and Practices
  • Chapter 8: Policing with Diversity Competency

Part IV: Special Diversity Considerations

  • Chapter 9: Policing Family Violence
  • Chapter 10: Policing Mental Illness


Answers to Diversity IQ



  • Instructor's Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation

icon Erratum to Chapter 4: Diversity IQ

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Diversity Issues in Law Enforcement, 3rd Edition

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