Employment Law for Paralegals, 2nd Edition

Employment Law for Paralegals, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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October 2021
Career Preparation; Employment, Labour, and Human Resources Law; Paralegal

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Employment Law for Paralegals, 2nd Edition provides students with a practical knowledge of the common law and statutory legal aspects of employment, tailored to the paralegal scope of practice and the Law Society of Ontario’s education competencies.

This text offers an in-depth and up-to-date examination of the following areas: employment standards, labour relations, employment contracts, occupational health and safety, workplace safety and insurance, labour law, and human rights as they relate to the workplace.

It includes extensive legislative updates, new case law, and a sample employment contract. This edition also provides expanded content on labour relations and federal employment law. Detailed scenario questions supported by real-world case studies, “In the News” boxes, and sample forms contextualize content and encourage applied learning.

Written from the perspective of a paralegal defending the interest of an employee, this text will prepare paralegal students to navigate the complicated legal processes of employment law and effectively advocate for their clients.

  • More comprehensive content on labour relations
  • Recent amendments to the Employment Standards Act, 2000, the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997, and the Labour Relations Act, 1995
  • Case in Point boxes highlighting facts, issues, and decisions of real-life cases
  • Scenario-style discussion questions for each chapter
  • A sample employment contracts, a wrongful dismissal claim, and other OSHA applications forms
  • Step-by-step sample calculations that guide students through mathematical components of employment law
  • Discussion on practice and procedure before relevant tribunals including Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  • Discussion about COVID-19 related changes to workplace and tribunal practices

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of Legal Framework
Chapter 2: Employment Standards Act: Rights and Responsibilities
Chapter 3: Employment Standards Act: Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 4: The Employment Contract
Chapter 5: Privacy in the Workplace
Chapter 6: Tort Law and the Employment Relationship
Chapter 7: Just Cause for Dismissal
Chapter 8: Dismissal Without Cause
Chapter 9: Human Rights (Rights and Responsibilities)
Chapter 10: Human Rights (Enforcement)
Chapter 11: The Occupational Health and Safety Act
Chapter 12: Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
Chapter 13: Labour Relations

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Coming soon.

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Employment Law for Paralegals, 2nd Edition

Format: Print
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Colour: Four Colour
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