Environmental Law and Policy, 4th Edition

Environmental Law and Policy, 4th Edition
Emond Publishing
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January 2020
Environmental Law

Environmental Law and Policy, 4th Edition addresses the current state of our environment and critically examines environmental policies in relation to modern political, ethical, cultural, and scientific concerns.

This casebook presents an overview of contemporary environmental challenges, including species elimination, diminishing resources, and climate change, that are consequential to our shifting environmental and legal landscape. Advancing beyond basic environmental legal concepts and principles, the interconnection between various disciplines is outlined to analyze domestic and international environmental trends and legal developments.

Authored by a team composed of 25 well-known specialized experts from across Canada, this text reflects their knowledge and insights—ideal for comparative study as well as for examining area-specific case studies.

Environmental Law and Policy is a foundational resource for students, environmental advocates, and practitioners.

  • Contributions from 25 experts across Canada
  • Edition features ten new chapters for further coverage and specialized content, including:
    • sustainability
    • hazardous waste/contaminated sites
    • citizen rights and suits/standing
    • biodiversity and protected spaces/parks
    • judicial review of environmental laws
    • northern Canada water boards/impact assessment rights law
    • trans-border issues
    • energy
  • Covers interdisciplinary topics such as ecological principles, environmental ethics, environmental economics, the environment in business transactions, and protected spaces and species

Chapter 1: The Environment: Ecological and Ethical Dimensions
Chapter 2: Ethical Dimensions of Environmental Law
Chapter 3: Environmental Justice
Chapter 4: Implementing Sustainability
Chapter 5: International Law Influences
Chapter 6: Domestic Climate Change
Chapter 7: The Water–Energy–Food Nexus
Chapter 8: Energy, Technology, and Environment Chapter 9: Environmental and Toxic Torts: Legal Realities and Contemporary Challenges
Chapter 10: Constitutional Jurisdiction
Chapter 11: Environmental Law in Canada’s North
Chapter 12: Indigenous Environmental Rights
Chapter 13: Environmental Law in Quebec
Chapter 14: Judicial Review and Public Participation
Chapter 15: Environmental Regulatory Legislation
Chapter 16: The Economic Approach and Beyond
Chapter 17: Impact Assessment
Chapter 18: Pollution Prevention and Environmental Liability: The Evolution of the Law of Toxic Real Estate, Contaminated Lands, and Insurance
Chapter 19: Environmental Enforcement
Chapter 20: Human Rights and Animal Rights
Chapter 21: Protected Spaces and Endangered Species
Chapter 22: Municipal Law and Environment
Chapter 23: Environmental Considerations in Business Transactions
Chapter 24: The Future of Environmental Law

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