Essential Readings in Canadian Government and Politics, 2nd Edition

Essential Readings in Canadian Government and Politics, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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October 2015
Political Science and Government

What are the works that every student of Canadian politics should be familiar with? While this is a question bound to stir up debate, the authors have endeavoured to answer it with this newly revised, edited collection of influential essays, debates, reports, book excerpts, speeches, and academic writings. Dating from to pre-Confederation to the present day, this thematically arranged collection will be an asset to any course in Canadian politics.

This second edition features several key revisions, which have been implemented based on reader feedback:

  • A new four-part structure that emphasizes the most common themes in a typical Canadian politics course
  • More focus on Canada’s political institutions, including Parliament, the electoral system, campaigns, and the media — all highlighted in a new part
  • A new sub-section on Canada's foreign policy
  • Nearly half of the readings have been replaced with new selections, including several recent works
  • Excerpts are now slightly longer on average than in previous edition

Part 1: Understanding Canada

  • 1. Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine / Address to the Electors of Terrebonne
  • 2. Fathers of Confederation / “Not Derived from the People”
  • 3. John A. Macdonald and George-Étienne Cartier / The Confederation Debates
  • 4. Henri Bourassa / The French Language and the Future of Our Race
  • 5. David Kwavnick / The Tremblay Report
  • 6. Daniel Johnson / Equality or Independence
  • 7. Pierre Trudeau / Federalism, Nationalism, and Reason
  • 8. Preston Manning / The West Wants In
  • 9. Charles Taylor / Options for a New Canada
  • 10. Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples / People to People, Nation to Nation
  • 11. Peter H. Russell / Canada: A Pioneer in the Management of Constitutional Politics in a Multinational Society
  • 12. James Tully / Canada as a Multinational Democracy

Part 2: Canada’s Institutions and Representation

  • I. Parliament
  • 13. Eugene Forsey / Prorogation Revisited: Parliament and the Governor General
  • 14. Ned Franks / The Parliament of Canada
  • 15. Donald Savoie / The Rise of Court Government in Canada
  • 16. Lisa Young / Value Clash: Parliament and Citizens After 150 Years of Responsible Government
  • 17. Hugh Segal, et al. / Referendum on the Future of the Senate: A Roundtable
  • 18. Peter Aucoin, Mark Jarvis and Lori Turnbull / Democratizing the Constitution

  • II. The Electoral System and the Party System
  • 19. Alan C. Cairns / The Electoral System and the Party System in Canada, 1921-1965
  • 20. Sylvia Bashevkin / The Higher the Fewer: Women’s Participation in Major Party Organizations
  • 21. Janine Brodie and Jane Jenson / The Party System
  • 22. R. Kenneth Carty / The Politics of Tecumseh Corners
  • 23. Dennis Pilon / The Politics of Voting: Reforming Canada’s Electoral System
  • 24. R. Kenneth Carty and William Cross / Political Parties and the Practice of Brokerage Politics

  • III. Campaigns and Voters
  • 25. Mildred Schwartz / Public Opinion and Canadian Identity
  • 26. Richard Johnston / Party Identification and Campaign Dynamics
  • 27. Elisabeth Gidengil, et al. / Women to the Left?
  • 28. Andre Blais / Accounting for the Electoral Success of the Liberal Party in Canada
  • 29. J. Scott Matthews / The Political Foundations of Support for Same-Sex Marriage in Canada
  • 30. Amanda Bittner / The Effects of Information and Social Cleavages

  • IV. The Media and Communications
  • 31. Harold Innis / Empire and Communication
  • 32. Elisabeth Gidengil amd Joanna Everitt / Filtering the Female: Television News Coverage of the 1993 Canadian Leaders’ Debates
  • 33. Darin Barney / Communication Technology
  • 34. Tamara Small / Canadian Politics in 140 Characters: Party Politics in the Twitterverse

Part 3: Governing Canada

  • I. Constitutional Politics
  • 35. Government of Quebec / Quebec-Canada: A New Deal
  • 36. Jean Chrétien / Bringing the Constitution Home
  • 37. Donald V. Smiley / A Dangerous Deed: The Constitution Act, 1982
  • 38. Reg Whittaker / Sovereignties Old and New: Canada, Quebec, and Aboriginal Peoples
  • 39. Peter H. Russell / Constitutional Politics: In a New Era Canada Returns to Old Methods
  • 40. Garth Stevenson / Unfulfilled Union: Canadian Federalism and National Unity

  • II. Intergovernmental Relations
  • 41. Alan C. Cairns / The Governments and Societies of Canadian Federalism
  • 42. Donald V. Smiley and Ronald L. Watts / Intrastate Federalism in Canada
  • 43. Roger Gibbins / Federalism and Regional Alienation
  • 44. Richard Simeon and Ian Robinson / The Dynamics of Canadian Federalism
  • 45. François Rocher / The Quebec-Canada Dynamic or the Negation of the Ideal of Federalism

  • III. The Courts and the Charter
  • 46. Alan C. Cairns / The Judicial Committee and Its Critics
  • 47. Peter H. Russell / The Political Purposes of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • 48. Peter W. Hogg and Allison A. Bushell / The Charter Dialogue Between Courts and Legislatures
  • 49. Beverley McLachlin / Courts, Legislatures and Executives in the Post-Charter Era
  • 50. F.L. Morton and Rainer Knopff / Judges and the Charter Revolution

  • IV. Canada in the World
  • 51. R.A. MacKay, E.B. Rogers / Canada Looks Abroad
  • 52. James Eayrs / The Art of the Possible: Government and Foreign Policy in Canada
  • 53. John Holmes / The Better Part of Valour: Essays on Canadian Diplomacy
  • 54. Charles Doran / Forgotten Partnership: U.S.-Canada Relations Today
  • 55. Stephen Clarkson / Uncle Sam and Us: Globalization, Neoconservatism and the Canadian State
  • 56. Michael Byers / Who Owns the Arctic?

Part 4: Canadian Society: Identities and Diversities

  • I. Gender and Sexuality
  • 57. Royal Commission Report on Status of Women in Canada
  • 58. Mary Ellen Turpel / Patriarchy and Paternalism
  • 59. Himani Bannerji / The Dark Side of the Nation
  • 60. Miriam Smith / Identity and Opportunity: The LGBT Movement

  • II. Aboriginal Peoples
  • 61. Jean Chrétien / The White Paper
  • 62. Harold Cardinal / The Unjust Society
  • 63. Taiaiake Alfred / Wasáse: Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom
  • 64. Glen Coulthard / Red Skin, White Masks

  • III. Race, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism
  • 65. J.S. Woodsworth / Strangers Within Our Gates
  • 66. Davidson Dunton and André Laurendeau / Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism
  • 67. Pierre Elliott Trudeau / Statement on Multiculturalism
  • 68. Guy Rocher / The Ambiguities of a Bilingual and Multicultural Canada
  • 69. Gérard Bouchard and Charles Taylor / The Bouchard-Taylor Report on Accommodation Practices in Quebec
  • 70. Debra Thompson / Is Race Political?

  • IV. Class
  • 71. CCF / The Regina Manifesto
  • 72. John Porter / The Vertical Mosaic
  • 73. Leo Panitch / Elites, Classes, Power
  • 74. Armine Yalnizyan / Income Inequality in Canada: What Can Be Done

  • V. Regional Interests and Identities
  • 75. Nelson Wiseman / The Pattern of Prairie Politics
  • 76. Caroline Andrew / The Shame of (Ignoring) the Cities
  • 77. Robert Finbow / Atlantic Canada in the Twenty-First Century: Prospects for Regional Integration
  • 78. William Johnson / Stephen Harper and the Rise of Western Conservatism

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