Fundamentals of Contract Law, 3rd Edition

Fundamentals of Contract Law, 3rd Edition
Emond Publishing
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December 2012
Contracts and Remedies

Fundamentals of Contract Law, 3rd Edition, is an essential guide to navigating the complexities of contract law, including the development of contract rights and remedies, the fundamentals of contract drafting, factors that enhance or impair the contractual relationship, and how conflicts are resolved. In this most recent edition, the authors include a chapter addressing electronic contracts and e-commerce, and continue to build upon the strength of the second edition with an up-to-date and engaging examination of contract law.

A variety of updated cases from across Canada illustrate legal principles applied in practice, and are presented in conjunction with author analysis and reflective discussion questions. This comprehensive resource is designed to help practicing legal professionals master the many intricacies of contract law.

New to the third edition

  • New Case in Point features explore cases from across Canada, illustrating how legal principles play out in the real world
  • New chapter on electronic contracts and e-commerce
  • Discussion questions present the opportunity to apply knowledge to creative fact situations
  • New section on contract administration includes tips on executing, witnessing, and correcting signed contracts, with supporting appendices that demonstrate formatting and plain-language drafting
  • New analysis of the intention to form contractual relationships and the importance of clarity in fee-for-service arrangements
  • Additional emphasis upon the requirement to properly document and archive communications surrounding contract modifications
  • Expanded discussion of the judicial response to illegality in contracts and finding the means to impose just restitution
  • Extensive new case law discussing the effect of duress and unequal bargaining power, with tips for mitigating their effect on contract negotiation and formation
  • Important clarifications on the principle of fundamental breach and exclusion clauses, with reference to the Supreme Court of Canada case Tercon Construction Ltd. v British Columbia


  • Clearly written with numerous examples to illustrate key concepts and principles
  • Chapter summaries review the relevant material and serve as a useful reference point
  • Elegant two-colour design
  • Key terms are defined throughout each chapter and summarized in a glossary
  • Review and discussion questions at the end of each chapter allow you to assess your understanding of the material

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Law of Contracts
Chapter 2: Formation of a Contract
Chapter 3: Protecting Weaker Parties
Chapter 4: Contractual Defects
Chapter 5: Contractual Rights
Chapter 6: Contract Interpretation
Chapter 7: Discharge of Contract
Chapter 8: Breach of Contract and Remedies
Chapter 9: Electronic Contracts and E-Commerce
Chapter 10: Contract Preparation and Drafting


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Fundamentals of Contract Law, 3rd Edition

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