Fundamentals of Emergency Management: Preparedness

Fundamentals of Emergency Management: Preparedness
Emond Publishing
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September 2008
Policing, Security, and First Responders

This new text outlines the fundamental principles and practices of emergency management. Fundamentals of Emergency Management: Preparedness focuses on the activities required to prepare a community or organization for an emergency, including: identification, planning, and exercises. Subsequent volumes will focus on response and recovery, with mitigation as a recurrent theme in all volumes. Examples are drawn from Canada and around the world, providing the reader with a truly global view of emergency management. This accessible text's mix of practical and theoretical information is suitable for both college- and university-level emergency management programs.

Norman Ferrier has more than 35 years' experience in Ontario’s EMS system, in a variety of roles, and more than 25 years' experience in emergency management, with a focus on health care-related issues. Norm holds an MSc in Emergency Planning and Disaster Management from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom and is on the faculty of the Ontario Hospital Association. Past research activities include the National Assessment of Emergency Planning in Canada’s General Hospitals, and the National Assessment of Natural Hazards.

  • Chapter objectives and lists of key messages outline essential concepts.
  • Photos, figures, tables, and boxed features illustrate important topics.
  • "Learning Check" sections contain multiple-choice questions and an answer key for self-testing.
  • Case studies with guiding questions allow students to apply their knowledge.
  • “To Learn More” exercises provide more advanced research projects for independent study.
  • A comprehensive glossary emphasizes key terms.
  • References are included for further reading and research.
  • Instructor Resources: instructor's guide, test bank, and PowerPoint presentation.

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Introduction: What Is Emergency Management?

Part I: Emergency Management and Communities

  • Chapter 1: The History of Emergency Management
  • Chapter 2: The Role of Government
  • Chapter 3: The Evolution of Communities
  • Chapter 4: The Role of Community Composition
  • Chapter 5: Land Use Issues
  • Chapter 6: Understanding and Identifying Critical Infrastructure

Part II: Hazard, Risk, and Vulnerability

  • Chapter 7: Introduction: Identifying Hazards and Understanding Risk
  • Chapter 8: Basic Risk Theory
  • Chapter 9: The Risk Assessment Process
  • Chapter 10: The Vulnerability Assessment Process
  • Chapter 11: Promoting Resiliency

Part III: Preparedness

  • Chapter 12: Introduction: Writing an Emergency Plan
  • Chapter 13: Setting Objectives
  • Chapter 14: Components of an Emergency Plan
  • Chapter 15: Emergency Operations Centers
  • Chapter 16: Emergency Operations Center Technologies

Part IV: The Emergency Manager as Educator

  • Chapter 17: Exercise Theory
  • Chapter 18: Exercise Types
  • Chapter 19: Public Education
  • Chapter 20: Educating Decision Makers
  • Chapter 21: Grantsmanship and Funding



  • Examination Question Bank
  • PowerPoint Presentations

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