Fundamentals of Law and Security Administration

Fundamentals of Law and Security Administration
Emond Publishing
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January 2005
Policing, Security, and First Responders; Private Security and Investigation

This clearly written and accessible Canadian text by Mark Rohlehr was designed to meet the learning needs of pre-service students in all disciplines of law and security training. It includes chapters on arrest powers, note taking, report writing, and retail security. The provincial legislation affecting security officers is outlined in straightforward language. The latest security technologies in alarms, lighting, barriers, locks, safes, and more are detailed and compared and brought to life for students with illustrations and photographs. This unique college text satisfies the standards set out by the Canadian Society for Industrial Security (CSIS) Inc., and the CGSB, while providing comprehensive coverage of the LASA program learning objectives.

To facilitate learning, this text includes end-of-chapter review questions and performance evaluation resources.

  • Includes Chapter Objectives that outline the learning outcomes of each chapter
  • Features a detailed glossary with definitions of key terms
  • Performance Application sections in each chapter that include questions designed to test students’ learning and lead to discussion
  • Gives practical, student-friendly explanations of common tasks and procedures
  • Includes exercises that give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in each section
  • Instructor’s Resources: A detailed Instructor’s Guide, with teaching tips, exercises, a test bank, and PowerPoint presentations, is available

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Part I: Introduction to the Security Industry

  • Chapter 1: Origins and Development of the Security Industry
  • Chapter 2: The Security Profession Today
  • Chapter 3: Professionalism and Deportment

Part II: Powers and Skills

  • Chapter 4: Functions and Licensing
  • Chapter 5: Powers of Arrest
  • Chapter 6: Legislation of Interest to Security Personnel

Part III: Operational Procedures

  • Chapter 7: Patrol Procedures
  • Chapter 8: Traffic Control
  • Chapter 9: Radio Procedures and the Phonetic Alphabet
  • Chapter 10: Monitoring Security Systems
  • Chapter 11: Taking Notes

Part IV: Operational Practices

  • Chapter 12: Interviewing
  • Chapter 13: Investigations and Physical Evidence
  • Chapter 14: Report Writing
  • Chapter 15: Courtroom Appearances

Part V: Security Devices and Systems

  • Chapter 16: Physical Defences
  • Chapter 17: Safes, Vaults, and Locks
  • Chapter 18: Automated Security Systems

Part VI: Workplace and Retail Security

  • Chapter 19: Identity Control
  • Chapter 20: Retail Security
  • Chapter 21: Internal Theft

Part VII: Workplace Safety

  • Chapter 22: Workplace Safety
  • Chapter 23: Workplace Hazards and Safety Inspection

Part VIII: Emergency Response

  • Chapter 24: Fire Prevention and Response
  • Chapter 25: Bomb Threats
  • Chapter 26: Emergency Response Forces



  • Instructor's Guide
  • Observation Exercises (5.1 MB)

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Fundamentals of Law and Security Administration

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