Fundamentals of Security

Fundamentals of Security
Emond Publishing
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October 2017
Policing, Security, and First Responders

Fundamentals of Security is a thorough overview of the skills and responsibilities required of security staff. This text has been written and organized to reflect the specific training guidelines for security guard exam certification in Ontario. Various aspects of the job are addressed in detail, including basic patrol procedures, legal considerations, use of force, communication and report-writing skills, basic first aid, and more.

In addition to addressing ministry requirements, Fundamentals of Security provides vital information on CPTED, evidence and investigation, retail security, and key trends in today’s security industry. This text also explores elements of community policing that support the functions of private security.

With chapters contributed by experts in various areas of security, this resource will help build the knowledge and confidence that successful security guard candidates require.

  • Contents structured to follow provincial certification guidelines
  • Updated coverage of PSISA and other legal considerations
  • End-of-chapter review questions reflecting the format of the Ontario security guard exam
  • Discussion of the integration of WiFi and mobile devices (cell phones, PCs, and others) into Access Control
  • Learning outcomes, definitions of key terms, and highlight boxes (including “Focus on Technology” and “What Would You Do?”)
  • Appendix providing review of key first aid training requirements from St. John Ambulance
  • Expert contributors Brine Hamilton, Scott Duncanson, Darion Boyington, Jacob Davis-Mendelow, John Hubbell, Brian Robinson, and Amit Rajput
  • Also available: Emond’s Online Security Guard Preparation (view sample module here)

Part 1: Foundations of Security
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Security Industry
Chapter 2: The PSISA

Part 2: Core Skills
Chapter 3: Basic Security Procedures
Chapter 4: Report Writing
Chapter 5: Health and Safety
Chapter 6: Emergency Response Preparation
Chapter 7: Canadian Legal System
Chapter 8: Legal Authorities
Chapter 9: Effective Communications
Chapter 10: Sensitivity Training
Chapter 11: Use of Force Theory

Part 3: Additional Skills and Topics
Chapter 12: Security Issues in the 21st Century
Chapter 13: CPTED
Chapter 14: Evidence and Investigation
Chapter 15: Retail Security
Chapter 16: Safes, Locks, and Alarms

Appendix A: Basic First Aid (St. John Ambulance)
Appendix B: Text of PSISA
Appendix C: Code of Conduct
Appendix D: Radio 10-Codes

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