Get It Written, Get It Right!

Get It Written, Get It Right!
Emond Publishing
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March 2009
Liberal and Fine Arts
TRILLIUM LISTED for Ontario's EWC4U course

Get It Written, Get It Right! shows students that strong writing is an attainable goal. In a lively, student-friendly voice, the text offers tips on strengthening writing and grammar and explains the basic structures and conventions of different writing forms. With excerpts from various well-known pieces of writing from Canada and around the world, Get It Written, Get It Right! introduces students to key writing techniques such as active voice, "show, don’t tell," making the best use of imagery, foreshadowing, and the rhythm of sentences.

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  • Variety: From poetry to screenplays, to newspapers and novels, Get It Written covers a diverse range of forms of writing, both current and classic.
  • Writer's Toolbox: A recurring feature with helpful writing tips and techniques for strengthening writing.
  • Nuts and Bolts: A recurring feature that deals with some aspect of basic grammar skills.
  • Chapter 1: From Chaos to Order
  • Chapter 2: The Short Story: A Moment in Time
  • Chapter 3: Screenplays and Stage Plays: Seeing Is Believing
  • Chapter 4: Novels: A Year in the Life
  • Chapter 5: Poetry: Image, Rhythm, and Magic
  • Chapter 6: Essays and Speeches: On the Page and On the Podium
  • Chapter 7: Newspapers and Magazines: Taking the Lead
  • Chapter 8: Specialties
  • Chapter 9: The End! Concluding, Revising, and Planning Next Steps
  • Appendix I: Commonly Misused Words
  • Appendix II: Canadian Spelling Conventions
  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Index
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The Get It Written, Get It Right! Teacher's Resource is an indispensable companion to the student book. This collection of classroom-ready materials includes: line masters in both paper and CD-ROM format, assessment and evaluation tools and strategies, answers to questions and activities, and multiple suggested lessons.

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